Round 2: Washington Capitals (2) vs Pittsburgh Penguins (4)

An epic match-up of the game's best young guns. WHo will prevail? You tell me.

25 Responses to “Round 2: Washington Capitals (2) vs Pittsburgh Penguins (4)”

  1. scottwill19 says:

    go to fucking hell…im not defending the caps bcuz they are fucking fagots…but pressure plays no role in the outcome

    thats just bullshit what analysts say, to kill sometime when they r on the job so they can get paid….pressure plays little to absolutely no role.

    and besides, if u play in washington theyre is no pressure bcuz it isnt a hockey crazy city

    go fuck urself u cunt

  2. scottwill19 says:

    ok, boudreau is not a good coach at all

    anyone can coach the caps with the team they have….boudreau is nothing but a fat fuck whos eyes r inhumanly close to his nose, and all he does is complain about stupid shit, that he thinks are “against the rules” but really is perfectly legal

  3. scottak1712 says:

    Man, how great was that series? Game two, Ovechkin and Crosby BOTH with hattricks?! My goodness, that has to be one of the best games I’ve seen ever

  4. Paralititan says:

    Definitely ‘the kid’ and geno they are the best players in the league.

  5. PensFan3100 says:

    He’s also a Stanley Cup Champion

  6. jamesdallimore says:

    crosby is an over-rated baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes a good player but hes a baby waaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  7. hendrixman1515 says:

    no it was

  8. Slegnirp says:

    I would choose Malkin and Crosby, simply because they can get it done on the defence as well as the offence.

  9. Slegnirp says:

    What!? Boring!? How can you say that, it was a fantastic final and if they meet this year it will once again be fantastic.

  10. BlitzKriege35 says:

    He did a great Job besides game 7, and the Caps wouldn’t even have made it past the Rangers without him.

  11. dandandamattressman says:

    man varlamov was just too inexperienced to play under the pressure of game seven.

    Excited to see what kind of team washington has nxt year

  12. burgy76 says:

    Unlikely and unsung hero this series: Rob Scuderi! You can’t really expect to totally shut down Ovechkin for an entire series, but Scuds did well enough to help the Pens.

    And yes, Crosby + Malkin over Ovechkin + Semin any day of the week, every time, no questions asked.

    I would much rather have 2 of the Big Three in the league over 1 of the Big Three and some winger who puts his foot in his mouth.

  13. blindcynic says:

    sore loser…

  14. blindcynic says:

    and I also own your mom.

  15. Skaterboy5150 says:

    i thot u were a leafs fan

  16. bulafritz says:

    Oh great another boring Pittsburgh/Detroit final again this year

  17. dabosedabose says:

    All the people who choose ovie, and semin. Over crosby and malkin are fucking idiots!!!

    All ovie does is stand at the blue line and wait 4 the puck so he can shoot it 56xs a game. semin is ovies butt buddy. They are both oneway players.

    With crosby and geno, u get the two best play-makers in the league, who both play offense and DEFENCE!!! and can give u 30goal seasons.

  18. 876will says:

    You’ve gotta love the caps they Ovechkin , Semin and Backstrom they are unstopple

    and i would much rather have Ovechkin And Semin they can shoot the puck with no effort and its easly reaching the 90 mph mark

  19. Troosevelt703 says:

    Crosby is in the refs ear bitching after every single stopage of play. What series are you watching?

  20. Troosevelt703 says:

    hahahaha yeah its over just not how you think

  21. sparwood8 says:

    Ovechkin not as dirty as you say he is. Great player. Hard to pick a series winner here.

  22. sparwood8 says:

    If anyone can whine about lousy refereeing, it’s Vancouver. Of course the easterners barely know where this city is.

    Wings will win the damned thing, again

  23. Emacs23 says:

    Haha, synthie proved she sucks. When she played well, the team can’t win. When Malkin plays well, the team are wining.

  24. LesClaypool26 says:

    Pens are taking it

  25. hendrixman1515 says:

    haha were up going back to pittsburgh its over

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