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Round 1: Pittsburgh Penguins (4) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (5)

As seen on the Puck Daddy blog!

25 Responses to “Round 1: Pittsburgh Penguins (4) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (5)”

  1. mortaldemon1 says:

    Gotta love how much more Penguin’s fans are on this page considering how many Flyer comments are being down rated. Fuck you “the Kid…who cries” Crosby fags

  2. Heffernan21 says:

    ROFL, Richards not wanting to fight? As I recall (as usual) the refs breaking up any scrum involving Crosby.

  3. zereoue says:

    I agree with this comment. I remember wearing my Penguin hat and having so many people yell, “why are you wearing that garbage, the team sucks!”

    I just never learned the reason why you would abandon your team in any winning or losing period. The Penguins have always been my team, in good times and in bad times.

    Then again, until the Flyers actually put a competitive team on the ice during the playoffs, the Penguins will continue to mop the floor with them.

  4. MaStErKuSHx420x says:

    every time i insult crosby, i get a reply, HE LEADS THE LEAGUE IN POINTS! when I insult malkin, HE LEADS THE LEAGUE IN POINTS. Would you make up your mind here, luckily when the flyers season is over so is mine. So I don’t have to watch crosby crying.

  5. hendrixman1515 says:

    hm…howd that work out for ya?

  6. CWAttack87 says:

    was dumbass

  7. roenic2 says:

    thats why richards was ahead of him?

  8. CWAttack87 says:

    definately when he leads the league in points in the playoffs and you dont

  9. roenic2 says:

    doo doo doo, crosbey sucks.

  10. Isaywhatyouthink says:

    Tell me about it.
    I can imagine them making excuses earlier in the series, but there are people still talking trash. They went up 3-nothing in a single period, and then let the Pens score 5 unanswered, on home ice. They shit the bed, end of story.

    Try making excuses for that one, seriously.

  11. redoctober90 says:

    As far as I remember, even during the bad times (2001-2004) there were never less than 10,000 at the arena. And yes, there are tons of bandwagoners, but I can tell you even during those years, I still watched many, many games, both at home and at the Igloo.

    And it sounds like all the Flyer fans are making excuses. A playoff win is money in the bank, and money talks, bullshit walks.

  12. Isaywhatyouthink says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, there are quite a few people in Pittsburgh who abandoned the Pens during that period, and they also just so hapen to be the bandwagon fans. But there are SOOOO many die-hard fans in Pittsburgh that go completely unnoticed because the other guys ruined it for us. I’ve been a Pens fan since I learned to walk, and no “dark period”, nor the Flyers, can or will ever change that.

    You guys may be the rowdiest fans in all of hockey, but you don’t scare me.

  13. stvsta1 says:

    Well, i guess if being last in attendance in 2004 is caring about your team, then their is no doubt that Pens fans are the best fans in the league.

  14. TakingBackRon says:

    Oh no, what I meant by that was that yeah, we were horrible for years! haha. I never meant that I ever stopped caring about my team, or ever stopped supporting them by going to games. I loved being able to go to 30 games a year with no problem!, now if you dont have money, good luck getting a seat right! haha..but It’s a fair price to pay to have a potential Cup Winning team..

  15. stvsta1 says:

    Im not even going to address the Crosby sucks thing, but you said that we will have “dark period” where we stop showing up like you guys do. A ll i said was we already had our dark period many time before and we didnt stop showing up like you guys did.

  16. TakingBackRon says:

    never said you did stop caring, did I?

    Pretty sure you are the one who said that WE stopped caring, when there are a lot of devoted pens fans that support our team no matter what.. all I’m saying is chanting “Crosby Sucks” every two minutes doesn’t necessarily make you the “better fan” now does it? Actually, if anything that makes you guys ignorant, and completely oblivious fans of hockey. Booing is one thing, but do you HONESTLY believe that Crosby sucks, or is it just jealousy?..

  17. stvsta1 says:

    Uh dude we have had our dark period, the early 90’s, and 2007 but dont tell me that we stop caring or stop goin to games because we dont. That is the difference between us and you.

  18. TakingBackRon says:

    yah…. just like two years ago when we lost in the first round to ottawa.. very next year went to the Cup Finals.. then right back this year to kicking philthy out.. AGAIN,

    I agree, we had our dark period.. but you’ll have that.. it sucks it almost came to selling the team.. but that didnt happen and the Pens are alive and well in Pittsburgh for another 30 years at least babY!!

  19. stvsta1 says:

    Heres the difference between us and you. When we go golfing early on, we come back the next year. When you go golfing early your arena is empty for ten years and they threaten to move your hockey team.

  20. TakingBackRon says:

    man.. id much rather win, and not be as loud as philthadenlphia scum, than be golfing while the “soft/cry baby/shittburgh” Penguins go on to the second round..

    sucks for you guys.. at least chanting “crosby sucks” every 5 minutes had an effect tho.. ;) keep it goin!

    let’s go Pens!

  21. stvsta1 says:

    Dude u guys were silent when the game started.

  22. YourFriendsSister says:

    The pens were, let’s face it, dominated in Game 5. Of course we are going to be silent. We could have started a “Richards Sucks” chant… but wait, that is more Philly’s style.

  23. stvsta1 says:

    Crosby didnt shut up anybody and all i am saying is our crowd was loud in the third even after the flyers blew a 3 goal lead, melln arena was silent all game long for game 5.
    So dont try and mention Shittsburgh hockey fans in the same breath as Flyer fans…. We are never dead silent for playoff games.

  24. YourFriendsSister says:

    What does being loud have anything to do with being good hockey fans? We sure as hell are loud! Maybe you are just used to the “Crosby Sucks” chants between every whistle. Oh by the way, how are you guys enjoying the off season in Philly? Crosby sure shut up the chants in game 6 didn’t he! Vive le Shittsburgh!

  25. ruff3651 says:

    talbots fight turned the game around didn’t it?

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