Rob Scuderi Visits Penguins Hockey School

Courtesy of PensTv. He ain't flashy, but Scuds is one of the most reliable defenders in the NHL.

6 Responses to “Rob Scuderi Visits Penguins Hockey School”

  1. mrmicco45 says:

    Scuderi is the fucking man and everyone should know it!!

  2. ScarlettassasiN14 says:


  3. eternalpengel87 says:

    Yeah, I love Sucderi. He’s sick. =^-^=

  4. chesney13 says:

    Aww, those kids are so cute. “When’s your birthday? Mine’s Dec. 15th” *smiles*

    I hope he starts this season; he’s talented and is great on powerplays.

  5. mkailov13 says:

    That’d be sick if he came to one of my practices

  6. TheSteelCityGirl says:

    ya gotts love Scuds!! :]

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