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Rioting, Looting in Montreal after Canadiens WIN

MONTREAL Gazette photographer Phil Carpenter caught the image of a young woman standing in front of the smashed windows of an SAQ outlet on Ste. Catherine St., arms spread wide, imploring the crowd not to loot the store. In the free-for-all that took place after Game 7, the opportunistic looters ignored her. Police had bumped up their numbers by 50 per cent to 750 officers for Wednesday nights postgame festivities, but almost three hours after the Habs trounced the Penguins 5-2 and most of the real fans had gone home, the ugly element came out to play. A small minority of troublemakers with criminal intent ruined what had been a jubilant celebration by about 50000 fans. There were 41 arrests for assaulting police officers, breaking and entering, mischief and public drunkenness. Police spokesperson Sylvain Lemay said there were many photos taken and he expects there will be more arrests in the days ahead. Windows were broken on three stores on Ste. Catherine near Stanley St., and looters helped themselves to bottles of Grey Goose vodka ($43.25) just inside the door of the SAQ, womens clothing from Marciano and T-shirts and shoes from Foot Locker.

25 Responses to “Rioting, Looting in Montreal after Canadiens WIN”

  1. premieresnations100 says:

    fuck you sale pute. la police aurait du briser ta tete et la tete de ton chum sale pute

  2. head2fiststyle12345 says:

    stupid canadians

  3. longshots1337 says:

    LMFAOOOOOO @ 1:19 LOLLL STOP STOP,xD and that dude, all happy with his camera lolllllllll!

  4. briantheman890 says:

    what a classy city, you win a series, so you cause damage to peoples businesses…
    cost people money for having a shop downtown..
    what ignorance

  5. blazedmittens says:

    i haz can free shoes?

  6. nbafreak41 says:

    What the fuck?

  7. jrb014 says:


  8. coldpulse23 says:


  9. Thiefo1 says:

    Ha thats rich. So because I called you out on an ignorant post you made im now an “unintelligent fuck head”. Do you always throw hissy-fits when people disagree with you? And the only ignorant asshole here is you, racist fuck. Go lift more weights and shoot steroid up your ass, meathead.

  10. discjocky44 says:

    @discjocky44 plain and simple Montreal has a very European atmosphere I dont dislike all that come from MTL as just like anywhere there are really good people and really bad, I am saying MTL is not one of Canadas proudest cities thats for sure

  11. discjocky44 says:

    @discjocky44 lets now forget the infamous Richard Riot in 1955 where the Rocket richard was suspended for violently attacking a linseman which triggered a riot
    and in Oct. 15 2003 about 500 punk rockers rioted after they were turned away at a night club

  12. discjocky44 says:

    11 Aug 2008 Riots in Montreal Sparked by Police Killing of Latino Youth
    April 21, 2008 MTLriots after beating Bos and riot starts
    12 May 2010 MTL riots after beating Pitts
    August 8, 1992 MTL riots after Metallica and GNR concert cancelled
    June 9,1993 MTL riots after winning stanley cup

  13. discjocky44 says:

    @Thiefo1 @You may have noticed I dont mind commenting to people just not unintelligent fuck heads like yourself that sit on here all day arguing with people, my opinion is mine your’s is your’s I could care a less and trust me I won’t loose any sleep tonight worrying about what you think of me or my opinion. Now excuse me if I dont respond to you any more, I will dicuss anytime topic anytime and be more than willing to back up anything I say just not to an ignorant asshole such as yourself!!!

  14. Thiefo1 says:


    Wow, thats a cop-out if I ever heard one. You’re clearly just a troll and have nothing meaningful to say so just shut the fuck up and don’t start arguments when you can’t back them up.

  15. discjocky44 says:

    @antimoMTL lol ouch your probably right there but us Blue Bloods keep hoping lol

  16. discjocky44 says:

    @Thiefo1 sorry fella i’d love to have a discussion with you but I don’t get into discussions with someone who starts off by calling someone a “Fucking Idiot” especially when your sitting behind a pc screen, real tough!!!

  17. Thiefo1 says:


    Yeah lets paint nearly 4 million people with the same brush just because a few dozen morons decided to loot some stores. What a Fucking idiot you are.

    While we’re at it why not chop off Vancouver and send them to Asia because they had a riot in 94. Sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?

  18. filthyassmonkey says:

    Just another day back home :)

  19. TheHabs1000 says:

    haha the cops beat the shit out of you fucks

  20. fbaumans says:

    @discjocky44 First, the national anthem thing has nothing to with the riot, but I agree it was lame and I was actualy ashamed when it happened, and I have to tell you, people here are actualy dumb enough to boo their own anthem.
    But the people during the celebrations who wore habs jerseys were 95% peacful : they were drunk and noisy indeed, but they did not break any law. And I was there I can tell you cops were nice to everyone..untill the little wannabe gangster cunts arrived

  21. discjocky44 says:

    @fbaumans ya sure and I suppose some of them that were wearing MTL jerseys were just using the jersey as disguise, and I supposed when they Boo’d the American National anthem that was again those “Social Parasites” who happen to buy tickets to simply be classless idiots. You can deny it all you want fact is they act like European fans and personally speaking well lets lest say I don’t like them and leave it there so as I don’t have to be rude.

  22. fbaumans says:

    @discjocky44 these people arent montreal canadiens fans. they’re just a bunch of social parasites who took advantage of a fun peaceful party to act like the animals they are

  23. chuy655 says:


  24. ac696dc says:

    You guys don’t get it that these people are not even fans they’re just doing this because it an occasion not to get caught by the cops!! So stop hating the city of montreal!! Most of them don’t even come from montreal! Its a beautiful city with civilized people. Thank you.

  25. discjocky44 says:

    @mamananau its called boring crap ball in my book but if you want to call it football go ahead what ever floats your boat!!!

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