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Rick Nash vs Evgeni Malkin Sep 25, 2010

Rick Nash vs Evgeni Malkin from the Columbus Blue Jackets at Pittsburgh Penguins game on Sep 25, 2010. via

25 Responses to “Rick Nash vs Evgeni Malkin Sep 25, 2010”

  1. letmepointout says:

    fighting malkin is hilarious. try not to hurt your own fist, because you know any punch malkin throws is meaningless.

  2. Bluejackets009 says:

    @hussein1121 actually he sucks at fighting Rick Nash just fell

  3. rcbasher101 says:

    LOL @ everyone saying he is a good fighter. punching someone who is down is a puss move

  4. precisionHEADSHOTZZ says:

    Way to go Geno!!!!!

  5. hussein1121 says:

    Malkin is a BEAST, in hockey and in fighting

  6. SERGEYPA says:

    i was at that game with my hockey team i sat right behind mason see me

  7. 1000Gary1000 says:

    @ECWnWWF man, even the most stupid russian in the world can say ”fuck you” and I guess Malkin knows a little bit more than just this. Anyway its not the really fight

  8. rushpowerpratt says:

    @lisababy4lyfe Yeaaa hes a great fighter ehh punching nash with his jersey over his head when he was on the ground after he tripped.

  9. expoze92 says:

    Nash fights like a bitch against the BIG RUSSIANS!

  10. aScentlessApprentice says:

    malkin looks like frankenstein

  11. lisababy4lyfe says:

    Evgeni Malkin isn├Ęt the type of player to get in a fight so this surprises me. However, I didnt realize how good of a fighter he is.

  12. PUCK271 says:

    I was the only Columbus Blue Jackets Fan at this game….Tickets were only given to College Students in the Pittsburgh area……… I live in Cleveland and my sis won tickets because she goes to Duquesne…….I wore my White Blue Jackets jersey with pride….Did anyone see me?

  13. RussianFan7 says:


  14. ECWnWWF says:

    How can Nash understand what Malkin is saying? he doesn’t speak english ya know….

  15. midgetkrewproduction says:

    what i saw is malkin kill the other guy

  16. aScentlessApprentice says:

    Malkin is such a goon haha. And he doesn’t know how to fight, as seen here and the time he tried to fight Zetterberg

  17. ThePaisteTrout477 says:

    Malkin Misses Like 5/6 I Slowed It Down In HD Lol

  18. XcrosbyxXxfearlessX says:

    6 people are obviously Ovi fans…that’s about even with how many goals he’s scored this season

  19. 187ProofESGR says:

    @ohjtbehaaave It’s a hockey game, now take that tampon out of that bloody vag of yours.

  20. MrCommonFinSense says:

    Malkin beat that ass, damn

  21. sportsstuff87 says:

    IGOR my chainsaw!

  22. ohjtbehaaave says:

    Malkin showing he’s a cheap piece of shit throwing punches while Nash is down.

  23. jaipaul68 says:

    malkin is a hge faggit

  24. Steelers445 says:

    @Unkn0wnGuy or he got his ass kicked…

  25. Lewandowski87 says:

    Malkin rocks

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