Revenge I Say, Revenge


How about those Penguins?  While most of America has been patiently waiting for the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, there was actually a hockey game today.  This was not just any hockey game.  It was an absolute debacle over the Washington Capitals with a final score of 6-3.  Previous to destroying the Washington Capitals, the Penguins blanked the New York Rangers 3-0 and “steam-rolled” the New Jersey Devils 5-1.  Next up for the Penguins are those “pesky” New York Islanders.

Unless, Dan Bylsma decides to switch things around, we will see Marc-Andre Fleury in goal against the Islanders as the “every other game” goalie rotation has been the on-going trend.  For more information, see my most recent article, “Go with the ‘Hot Hand’” for a comparison of Marc-Andre Fleury and Tomas Vokoun.

Back on Tuesday, January 29, the Islanders defeated the Penguins by a final score of 4-1; however, the Penguins have won three in a row since then.”  The Islanders, however, have a record of 2-1 coming off today’s 3-0 shutout loss to the New Jersey Devils.  See the Penguins-Islanders match-up below:


(Courtesy of

(Courtesy of

Pittsburgh Penguins (6-3-0)

  • Power Play Score Percentage   19.4% (14th)
  • Penalty Kills Percentage            82.8% (10th)
  • Goals Per Game                              2.9 (12th)
  • Goals Against Average                2.4 (7th)

New York Islanders (5-4-1)

  • Power Play Score Percentage   37.5% (1st)
  • Penalty Kills Percentage            96% (1st)
  • Goals Per Game                              3.9 (2nd)
  • Goals Against Average                3.3 (24th)

The Penguins need revenge I say, revenge. Though the statistics clearly favor the Islanders, I am predicting a very close game this time around with a final score Penguins 3 Islanders 2.   After the Penguins play the Islanders, they will face the Washington Capitals, and then the New Jersey Devils twice.


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