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Rest and Recooperation

The Penguins need a much awaited 3 days off to rest and recooperate.  In the last three games, the Penguins have scored a dismal 1.3 goals per game average.




Though the Penguins still ranked third in the NHL in goals per game with 3.2 goals, things have not looked good.  One of the issues I have seen is there is often too much passing which cancel scoring changes.  The more shots taken, then the more rebound changes the Penguins would have.  The Penguins should shoot the puck more, and this will alleviate some issues.

Another criticism is that the line-up is filled with so many stars that no one wants to step-up and shine.  Now with the addition of  Jussi Jokinen, the Penguins have a new line dilemma.   Where should each new acquisitions be put in the line-up?  By any means,  Jokinen is excited about the opportunity on Tuesday to gain revenge against the Carolina Hurricanes.  The last time the Penguins played the Hurricanes, the Canes dismantled them 4-1.

The Penguins need to get it together going into the playoffs.  Right now, if the playoffs began today, the Penguin would face the NY Rangers who they have been struggling with as of late.  There is also a chance that the New Jersey Devils could be an #8 seed.  If this is the case, the Penguins will be certain of an early exit.

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