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Random Hockey Rants with Tom: the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Winter Classic jersey

When I look at the Penguins' Winter Classic jersey, it makes me think of the Spongebob Squarepants episode "Something Smells." When Spongebob tells a guy at the movie theatre that he hopes his ugliness won't be a distraction.The guy says no. But when he smells his breath, his face convulses uncontrollably and he flees the theatre. THAT was almost exactly how I reacted when I first saw this jersey. At the very end of the video, yeah that's exactly the sound of the man's voice. The song at the beginning is Jerry Lynn's entrance song from the videogame ECW: Hardcore Revolution. It was based on "Scapegoat" by Fear Factory. Who loves orange soda? Tom loves orange soda...

13 Responses to “Random Hockey Rants with Tom: the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Winter Classic jersey”

  1. hockeyfreak827 says:


    That is true, you should start putting more expression in your videos. None the less, i’ll be waiting for the new videos.

  2. stlfatman says:

    @hockeyfreak827 I most certainly will be uploading more in the near future.
    I’ve got plans to discuss the current state of the Blues, and a little rant about the new All-Star Game format (not to mention their jerseys), in addition to a review of one of the best off-ice training puck today.

    And I’ll try to sound a little less monotonus/boring than in all my other videos, try to put a little more emotion into them. XD

  3. hockeyfreak827 says:


    Having Pittsburgh’s jersey as their old gold/black jersey would be a lot better than the one they have currently for the Winter Classic.
    No problem, hopefully you’ll be uploading more videos!

  4. stlfatman says:

    @hockeyfreak827 PIT should have went with a gold jersey. I also wouldn’t mind seeing robo-Penguin return, as mentioned in the video.

    Washington’s is okay, but I prefer their blue jerseys from the 90’s/2000’s.
    Hell, I want a ‘Classic with 90’s-inspired jerseys someday.

    Calgary: talk about a blast from the past ^_^

    Montreal: weren’t even trying. Thumbs-down straight to hell.

    Thanks for your input. Always appreciated.

  5. hockeyfreak827 says:

    Pittsburgh Penguin Jersey = Horrible, but could be better if they remove the stripes and change the colour.
    Calgary Flames Jersey = Very good, a lot better than Pittsburgh’s.
    Montreal Canadians = Needs to be changed, so I have no opinion about their jersey.
    Washington Capitals = Okay, just change a few things on it and it’d look better. (Maybe the colours too?)

  6. hockeyfreak827 says:


    Yeah, you guys lost your top players, especially defense. Totally agree, i’ve watched a few games and I can see the injuries are killing your team. But once you do get your players back, you’ll be doing better again and most likely will make it to the playoffs.

  7. stlfatman says:

    @hockeyfreak827 Nah, they’re not too hot at the moment. It’s the injuries that’ve killed us. One right after the other. But I’m sure as soon as we get our best players back, we’ll be good to go, just like we were before. ^_^

  8. hockeyfreak827 says:


    I agree. By all means, the blues are doing pretty good so far in the season, but not one of the hottest teams as of currently. I know the comment that you posted was a week ago, and Blues probablly changed positions in the league, etc.
    Yes, thenctime doesn’t know anything about hockey outside his team.

  9. stlfatman says:

    @theNCtime Total “waist” of 20 seconds you watched? Wow. I know the video was a little long, but 20 seconds? I didn’t even get started until well after then. And apparently someone DOES rant about jerseys on youtube.
    Oh, the Blues have been one of the hottest teams so far, and are just coming off a soon-to-be-3-game win streak. Just thought I’d inform you, you don’t strike me as the kind of fan who pays any attention to the league outside of your own team, so… yeah.

  10. theNCtime says:

    wow total waist of the 20 seconds i was watching and no matter what penguins jersey it is pebguins are penguins and no one rants about how fancy jerseys look on youtube good fight bud and blues blow :)

  11. stlfatman says:

    “ur jersey”? You mean the jersey I’m wearing? Yeah it does suck doesn’t it. No idea what the Blues were thinking when they threw these monstrosities together.

    They may be ugly jerseys, but they are OUR ugly jerseys, and we wear them with pride!

  12. BlackieMatt98 says:

    that pittsburgh jersey is fricken sick and ur jersey sucks!

  13. JohnAdelsTV says:

    Nice vid tom Keep it up

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