Police Week Bagpipes at the Capitals-Penguins Game 7

The Halls of Montezuma (and the shores of Tripoli) are honored via bagpipes at the Washington Capitals' game 7 versus the Pittsburgh Penguins -- Police Week 2009, Washington DC

5 Responses to “Police Week Bagpipes at the Capitals-Penguins Game 7”

  1. krog1 says:

    I am a member of the Police Pipes and Drums of Morris County (PPDMC). And believe me when I say we are willing to play for anyone at anytime. We are made up of active and retired Police Officers from Northern New Jersey. If the Caps are playing during Police Week again in 2010, I’m sure we can make another impromptu performance.

  2. orderedchaos42 says:

    Krog, I’m glad you liked it — we Caps fans sure appreciated the impromptu performance!

  3. orderedchaos42 says:

    Yeah, I too thought that drunken idiot was a jerk for walking through the musicians. Otherwise, though, great performance!

  4. krog1 says:

    I thnk that’s the biggest response our band members have gotten yet. Go PPDMC!!!!

  5. kenp3L says:

    Note the induhvidual at 0:44 with the Ovechkin jersey and the camera walking amongst the musicians. I think that’s rude.

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