Pittsburgh Penguins – Youth Gone Wild

Pittsburgh Penguins - Youth Gone Wild: Highlights from the season 2006/2007. Best goals, saves and hits. Music: Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins – Youth Gone Wild”

  1. kaindek8ynm says:

    @Quentindenny you know it

  2. gur678meet says:

    @Goalie2000MTL2000 haha im a penguins fan fuck oilers im just saying w.e fuckin dumbases disliked thios are probbly stupid oiler fans :P

  3. Goalie2000MTL2000 says:

    @owlbuo go back to jerkin off to anime and pro wrestling nerd

  4. Goalie2000MTL2000 says:

    @russiancaptain12 a devils fan? they exisit?

  5. Goalie2000MTL2000 says:

    @gur678meet lol oilers fans – remember when you guys won the cup? i do! 20 years ago

  6. gur678meet says:

    3 dislikes = 3 oilers fan

  7. MegaHoopo says:

    GO PENGUINS!!!!!

  8. taco285 says:

    @77REVOLTFORAFRIKA77 The Toronto Maple Leafs

  9. taco285 says:

    @Steveman27 Who did the Penguins beat to win the Stanley Cup last year? The Red Wings!!

  10. russiancaptain12 says:

    Like what u did but fuck penguins and I hope Crosby gets killed by ovi sorry dude let’s go devils

  11. reff335 says:

    @taco285 we got something in common :D

  12. SK3rboF11 says:

    i was at that game against montreal when crosby scored that crazy goal.

  13. taco285 says:

    @MrTurtle691 i knew it

  14. MrTurtle691 says:

    Thats because Montreal is hockeytown.

  15. owlbuo says:

    only thing cool here is skid rows song

  16. taco285 says:

    dude they ARE stale and they are old.
    besides i thought hockeytown was in Montreal

  17. taco285 says:

    are you a blackhawks fan?

    if so I HATE the BLACKHAWKS

    if you are a caps fan I HATE THEM TOO!

  18. jaysight101 says:

    First, I LOVE THIS SONG! <3 Second.., I HATE PITTSBURGH!!!

  19. ssomerso says:

    1.this song rocks 2.I love pittsburg.
    Iknow this song by heart

  20. kolltopp says:

    perfect music to this nice vid! :D

  21. rkosirorton says:

    crosby hy pitt all the way

  22. skskskate123 says:

    First, I LOVE THIS SONG! <3 Second.., I HATE PITTSBURGH!!!

  23. sasukerocker101 says:

    stale and old are the same thing. 2 straight shutouts to the hawks. many would say your offence is stale

  24. Garrettistheshit21 says:

    the red wings still kick everyones ass they definately aint stale maybe old but not stale

  25. Garrettistheshit21 says:


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