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Pittsburgh Penguins @ Washington Captials: Shootout [3-8-09]

Intense game, the Pens come through in the shootout to earn a precious extra point and end the road trip UNDEFEATED. Wow. Crosby faked the move he pulled on Theodore a few years ago and snapped it top shelf. Fleury was awesome and stopped Ovechkin for the win!! LETS GO PENS!!!

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins @ Washington Captials: Shootout [3-8-09]”

  1. Mduddle says:

    @A7XJohnnydude Orpick? Haha no.

  2. Valuuha says:


  3. Zlatanimilan says:

    @Mrakstunna ovechkin also had an extra year to develop on him since he was drafted the year before the lockout… so sid was a true rookie and ovechkin was not.

  4. Mrakstunna says:

    @Sinco1967 what happened to in their rookie year when ovechkin won the calder over him? and jus so u say something retarded to try to bak it up:
    sidney crosby had guys like Mark Rechi, Ryan Malone, John Leclair all of whom had over 20 goals therefore accounting for a lot of his assist totals
    Ovechkin had 1 guy over 20 goals on his team Dainius Zubrus

  5. A7XJohnnydude says:

    hockeytipster u must be retarded because if u actually watched the penguins u would know we have other good players besides malkin and crosby we also have Jordan Staal,Kris Letang,Sergei Gonchar,Brooks Orpik,Pascal Dupuis,Alexei Ponikarovsky,and more if u actually watched penguins hockey.. its actually to bad capitals only have ovechkin who i personally hate and who could suck a guys dick and backstrom who looks like a friggen faggot!!!

  6. Sinco1967 says:

    @vrambo What happened to Ovechkin when Crosby took him out by 28 points in 2007 while playing 3 less games. That was before Ovechkin had Backstrom. When he played with the kind of players Crosby does.

  7. vrambo says:

    @Portis1Luv I’m almost feeling bad for Crosbaby cause his superb cherry picking skills aren’t even enough to keep Ovi in reach. It’s almost like picking on a retard.. =[

  8. vrambo says:

    @Portis1Luv I like this comment cause it’s the best example of someone who thinks they know everything about hockey but in reality, knows shit. I’d like you to take a look at mr. fact. Ovi is 1st in the league in points, goals, +/- … oh but let me guess “Cindy isn’t too far behind!”… Let me also mention that Ovi has PLAYED 10 LESS GAMES! HAHAH! It’s a wonderful year for Ovechkin fans with the Caps going 3 and 0 against the Pens.

  9. freddypoo4 says:

    amen…couldnt have said it better

  10. hensters says:

    yeah suck it up ovechkin

  11. PaeprDragn says:

    F Crosby

  12. razorslice17 says:

    Penguins have been great at the shootouts during this season.

  13. burnsy2323 says:

    Ok people enough Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin talk. This shootout came down to the flower. Give respect where respect is due. He has one Cup and he is so young, there will only be many more where that came from.
    Quit your BS debates.
    Flower Power Baby!!!

  14. Portis1Luv says:

    I’m beginning to get the impression that all the “hockey fans” that slate Crosby don’t actually watch hockey at all. The guy is a complete player, COMPLETE, meaning he is an offensive and defensive star, taking responsibility at both ends of the ice. He’s a leader, sets examples…..sorry but Ovechkin ain’t there yet folks.

  15. terdle34 says:

    It doesnt matter who he has on his line. Ovechkin has Nick Backstrom passing the puck to him.

  16. waseemb7 says:

    im just showing you an example

  17. jhopp1234 says:

    what do you mean he only had 30 points when Lemieux left. Mario left 25 games into the season. So your telling me he had 72 points in the first 25 games, then 30 points in the last 55 games? Stop making up stats man, atleast get the facts right if your going to argue. Crosby is extremely talented, maybe the best in the world, just admit it.

  18. jhopp1234 says:

    Crosby and Malkin didnt play together when Crosby won the scoring title. He played with Colby Armstrong and a 38 year old Mark Recchi. He played with Malkin on the PP, thats it.

  19. waseemb7 says:

    malkin and crosby played togehter there first year

  20. jhopp1234 says:

    Crosby Malkin and Staal have NEVER played on the same line, not even on the PP. They are our first 3 centers you idiot, they could never play together. There would be no more centers left.

  21. marie20417 says:

    shut up penguins better then every team

  22. waseemb7 says:

    no crosby played with malkin and stall

  23. TheT4xid3rmist says:

    Yup, it was the same then. They were both on separate lines. They would play together when Pens would go into desperation mode.

  24. waseemb7 says:

    no i mean in 06 -07 and 07 08

  25. TheT4xid3rmist says:

    The only time he plays with Malkin is on the power play.

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