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Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals- Winter Classic 2011

even though pens lost they are still the best:D still proud of them:) love u pens no matter what:D *i dont own any of the clips or the music* **NO COPYRIGHT***

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals- Winter Classic 2011”

  1. hikmaet says:

    @KeoCreative thanks

  2. cibobary8766 says:

    @123quong It’s not like Crosby has: shoved a teenage girl in the face who came all the way from Russia to see him, constantly refused to sign autographs, left his feet on almost every hit, treated reporters like dirt, and acted like an elitist pig. Now if we were talking about Ovechkin that would be a perfect description of a person lacking sportsmanship and class.

  3. cibobary8766 says:

    @123quong I have met Crosby in person, numerous times, and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart he epitomizes class. He’s the nicest, most polite, most respectful athlete you’ll ever meet. Let me let you in on a secret, everyone slashes and hacks after the whistle, its part of the game. And yes he whines but he whines because he wants to win and he wants to do everything he can to help insure a win for his team, yes he does it in an immature way but he does it because he hates losing.

  4. cibobary8766 says:

    @123quong Tradition? No there’s no tradition there buddy. 3 years of handshakes between teams does not mean it’s an automatic tradition that everyone has to follow. Yes i am high, and if you solely blame Crosby for the Pens walking off the ice then your an idiot, he didn’t make everyone walk off the ice, no one even said anything to each other, they all just walked off together. It was not orchestrated by Crosby.

  5. lookydook3 says:


  6. 123quong says:

    @cibobary8766 You’re high .. Crosby has Zero sportsmanship (he & the Penguins skated off the ice after the W.Classic & did not follow tradition of handshake) & Zero Class (cheap shots after the whistle, whines all the time) — it’s embarrassing to watch him act like a total ass

  7. cibobary8766 says:

    @123quong MVP’s are voted on, no one votes on scoring titles, which 87 and 8 have the same amount of. Ask any player in the NHL or any former NHLer which they would rather have: MVP Trophies or one Stanley Cup and 99.9% of the players would answer “are you kidding me? i would much rather have a Stanley Cup.”

    The main reason the NHL markets Crosby is because of his sportsmanship and class, two things Ovechkin is void of, this isn’t MTV, we aren’t marketing people on personality.

  8. cibobary8766 says:

    @MrAxellson Caps fans is the bestest at grammar!!!

  9. SidneyCrosbyfan8727 says:

    @GuiCBastos caps won

  10. GuiCBastos says:

    Who won the winter classic?? I lost it :(

  11. zoolduborka says:

    @movietrailerficton Ovechkin does not make the Cup ;)

  12. Engage777 says:

    @emawannabe1 UNGH! UNGH! UNGH! -HOW’S THAT FEEL? UNGHHH! …I’ll get you a towel.

  13. MrAxellson says:

    Caps is best team ever !

  14. movietrailerficton says:

    @zoolduborka at least sid has a CUP tell me how how many cups ovechkin has

  15. Sizzmaster6985 says:

    I thought the penguins were going to win they seem to have the caps number but the caps ended up winning but every body Ovechkin and Crosby are both amazing

  16. Bobthe9090 says:

    Though this is really random Vancouver should host a winter classic cuz we have a great fan base and we have great players

  17. wwejeffhardy619TV says:

    the caps may have won but OVECHKIN STILL SUCKS! CROSBY ALL THE WAY!

  18. JoeSakic109 says:

    Where you get your clips,there are awesome quality :)

  19. varkonyi07 says:

    @hikmaet Introduction by Prince Negaafellaga

  20. SuperArschloch3000 says:

    @Skrotkungen the next winter classic the NHL comissioners should let play it in NEW YORK in the famous GIANTS STADIUM the RANGERS against the ISLANDERS or some other team that would be great 85000 people could watch this game

  21. KeoCreative says:

    Clint Mansell – Requiem For a Dream

  22. varkonyi07 says:


    very very thank you!!!!

  23. ThEsElFdEcLaReDkInG says:

    @ itsjhollywoodbitch … look who won faggot, caps all the way !

  24. hikmaet says:

    what is the name of this theme?

  25. RockBand247 says:

    Varlamov is a freakin beast GO CAPS!!

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