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Pittsburgh Penguins VS Washington Capitals 2010-2-7

Pens @ Caps Pens - 4 Caps - 5 Final

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins VS Washington Capitals 2010-2-7”

  1. mlahk7 says:

    @ChinchillasForever i totally agree with you im a huge caps fan and no one wants to admit how similar the pens fans and caps fans are both are annoying both worship their best player and both are cocky. I HATE SIDNEY CROSBY but pens fans have every right to hate ovechkin too thats what makes trhe rivalry so intense and i love it!!! GO HOCKEY!!

  2. ChinchillasForever says:

    I am a Pens fan and I looooove the rivalry between these teams! I don’t care if you are a Pens fan or a Caps fan this is an awesome rivalry! I think we can all agree that its awesome pissing each other off. I am not the kind of person to get all in someones face, but when the Pens beat the Caps I am bitching in a Capitals fans face and I totally expect the same thing when the Capitals win.

  3. Eaglesfanmd says:

    2 crosby 0 ovechkin

  4. TheJojo19888 says:


  5. vladm95 says:

    @sidneycrosbyfan1000 hey hey dude calm down its just a game

  6. jimmofosty says:

    @hockeyyismylife and dude are you really implying that Ovechkin linemates aren’t that good? Knuble has always been a consistant 25+ goals a year guy and he tied his second highest goal count in his career…

    Backstrom is one of the best playmakers in the league. And Semin does play RW on Ovies line every now and then but would almost always play on the PK. Ovechkin has a way better linemates, no question.

  7. jimmofosty says:

    @hockeyyismylife and once again back to that season Crosby Ovechkin played a full healthy season unlike Crosby who only played 53 games and yet their ppg average was still the same! lol and yes Ovechkin is a goal scorer but thats it. He has a great wrist shot but he also shoots the puck any chance he gets. Crosby can pass, get goals by shooting less, win faceoffs, win more shootouts, backcheck, and lead a team.

  8. hockeyyismylife says:

    @jimmofosty no he has one more hart trophy because he scored 65 goals in a full season unlike crosby who played a full season and only posted 51, a number ovechkin was shy only one of and missed 10 games on last season. you’re wrong. those players were not that good until they played with ovechkin. semin doesnt even play on his line. knuble posted his highest goal count this year cus of the leftovers of ovechkins near misses on the net. good players make other players around them better. aka OV.

  9. ROBLOXovicarlson says:

    I never said that, and if anyone is overrated, it’s Crosby. Who got 24 goals while Ovechkin got 65?

  10. jimmofosty says:

    @ROBLOXovicarlson and again thank you for admitting Ovechkin is overrated and only plays good along great players.

  11. hockeyyismylife says:

    funny how you had to put up 4 straight caps goals you must have hated that.

  12. hockeyyismylife says:

    @sidneycrosbyfan1000 your just a wittle sad penguin it’s ok.

  13. ROBLOXovicarlson says:

    Again, thank you for complementing Backstrom and Knuble. Or were you talking bout Semin and Backstrom?

  14. jimmofosty says:

    @ROBLOXovicarlson Ovechkin only has one more hart trophy because he played a full healthy season in the 07-08 year unlike Crosby who only played 52 games. Crosby plays with mediocre 3 liners where as Ovechkin plays with future hall of famers. Just the way it is.

  15. ROBLOXovicarlson says:

    Crosby is better with team.
    Ovechkin better with self.

    I like Ovechkin cause he gets more awards that way.

  16. jimmofosty says:

    @ROBLOXovicarlson thanks for agreeing Crosby is a better individual player.

  17. ROBLOXovicarlson says:

    Thank you for complementing the front line of the Caps

  18. jimmofosty says:

    Crosby practically beat Philly and Washington by himself. The Caps were arguably the second best if not the best team in the east and Crosby had 13 points alone in the series when Pitt played them. As for the Conf. finals, it didn’t matter. It was a clean sweep. The Hurricans weren’t as significant as the Caps or Flyers were although Crosby still had 7 points in 4 games – so much for doing nothing. Cup finals Crosby sill had 4 points in 7 games. Still, not bad.

  19. jimmofosty says:

    @ROBLOXovicarlson haha Crosby and Malkin center two different lines. And not only that Crosby had 109 points and 51 goals this year with Maklin missing 15 games and playing like shit when he was in.

    Ovechkin on the other hand has Backstrom as his center on his line. Remember that guy who had 101 points this year? He also has Semin and Knuble playing on the RW at different times and arguably the best offensive defensemen in the league too… Mike Green.

    Crosby had Dupruis and Guerin?

  20. ROBLOXovicarlson says:

    Yeah, Crosby is better than Ovechkin when he always needs Malkin to help him. Ovechkin doesn’t need anyone. He’ll always have more Hart Trophies than Crosby and the Capitals will always be in front of the pens in regular season. Thanks fleury for letting Ovechkin get a hat trick so easily on you so commonly. It was nice beating you every game this season.

  21. nathanbrown17 says:

    @evanderlazer crosby played on the better team when all your other points occured, the world juniors 05. canada won that game 7-0 by the way ;). pittsburgh won the cup that year when they beat ovie on “ovi’s turf” so they were clearly the better team then too. not to mention crosby did nothing in the conf. finals and stanley cup finals that year, sounds like this year when crosby had to produce some points against montreal… but if you really think crosby is better than ovie, good for you :):)

  22. nathanbrown17 says:

    @evanderlazer ovechbitch? thats really good!! :) it doesnt matter if hes two years younger, they started in the league at the same time, and even then it was clear who was better considering the winner of the calder. Ovechkin has won 2 mvp’s i do recall, ovechkin also is the only player to be named to the NHL First All Star Team in each of his first five seasons. and the only reason he led the nhl in goal scoring this year is becuz ovi played 10 less games than him, and as i said before….

  23. DriftWolf301 says:

    hmmm i think mr sidneycrosbyfan1000 has a lot of time to respond to a Capital Fan’s opinion…no disrespect, crosby is okay, not the next great one though…opinion…but tthis is a really good game, but ovi rocks no doubt about it :) thanks for the upload

  24. TheLoserSakaTheOiler says:

    All you people who hate on Crosby and Ovechkin are faggots and should watch a different sport

  25. evanderlazer says:

    @evanderlazer if you think he’s done improving he is not either. What ever he says, he sticks to it and goes out and lets hi splay do the talking. So when I heard that he is going to try and get even faster for next season and try and pu this elite goal scoring with his elite playmaking, I believe him, all while being vastly, vastly superior to ovechkin defensively, nobody is going to argue there. Mock me all you want but if he says he can and actually does it like he always does then he will.

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