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Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals 1996 Game 4 – 4OT

After losing the first two games in Pittsburgh the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, the Penguins won game 3 to make the series 2-1. These are highlights of Game 4 in Washington, which saw Tom Barrasso leave after the 1st period due to back spasms, Mario Lemieux get ejected near the end of the 2nd period, Ken Wregget stop a penalty shot by Joe Juneau in the second overtime, and Petr Nedved finally scoring in the fourth overtime to tie up the series, which the pens eventually won in 6 games. Sorry for the grainy quality, it was the best i could do. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only.

19 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals 1996 Game 4 – 4OT”

  1. RWhiteGoose says:

    Great game. One of the top 5 NHL playoff games of the past 20 years I’d say. Thanks for upload.

  2. muffinarm says:

    The Penguins have absolutely brutalized the Capitals throughout the years. Pittsburgh has won 7 playoff series against the Caps – Washington has something like 10 playoff series wins ever.

  3. driver4140 says:

    Attended this game, it was glorious. It ended after 4am and my butt had to be at work in a couple hours. My bosses were pissed! So many people had left by the end of the second overtime they were letting anyone that showed up into the US Air Arena for free to fill the seats for TV. I was so tired by the time the winning goal was scored I was just staring at the net waiting for something to go in. Didn’t know Nedved scored the game winner for a few hours after it was over.

  4. funnyguysinpants says:

    BRING BACK BONDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. giallorosso86 says:

    what a game, had forgotten it was so near the end of another period…this was indeed the year the pens lost to florida, the team that made a killing in the 93 expansion draft, reached a finals in three years, and then went to crap almost immediately…

    amazing to hear that ridiculous old espn2 hockey music, remember the “fire on ice” intro with the inverted colors and whining cello?…miss the old days of espn2, had some wild programming

  6. Jean0987654321 says:

    Steve Levy FTW

  7. mase5701 says:

    ahh the old days. Is this the same year they lost to the panthers in the conference finals?

  8. ovywan08 says:

    fuck you asshole, u don’t know dick about hockey

  9. supercoop0125 says:

    nedved’s shot was deflected

  10. blazer44 says:

    mario is such a bitch fucking dick

  11. lbfortress says:


  12. GoLeafsGo1320 says:

    This was before ESPN2 was a popular channel on cable. I used to only get sound out of this, I stayed up until like 2AM listening to the TV

  13. justrun62689 says:

    Is this Steve Levy?

  14. marcusf42 says:

    lol n/p’s, I can never say anything about them, they are the only team I like, even though I was rasied in Philadelphia, PA & born in Johnstown, PA(a boring town hahaha), it’s hard to root for 1 of team so I picked the Pens

  15. buccofan27 says:

    lol ok my bad too then. I was sitting there like wtf? haha…yea i liked the old pens as well

  16. marcusf42 says:

    ?? I didn’t type that my cousin did, I like these pens but the old ones are better

  17. buccofan27 says:

    they are starting to suck? are you high?

  18. thatdudecozz89 says:

    I love these old hockey clips. I also like the old Penguins and Capitals teams as well. I wish the NHL was still this intense.

  19. marcusf42 says:

    I remeber watching this, I miss these Pens =( great players back then, Mario, Jagr & more, don’t get me wrong I still like the Pens but they are starting to suck to bad some of the old players retired or moved to a new team, but thanks for brining back some old Pens :D.

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