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Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington Capitals

More at Gloves and sticks everywhere! The Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals throw off the gloves and slug it out in a brawl!

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington Capitals”

  1. danglesaucemusta says:

    Zubov only had one year in Pitt, so I know its 95-96, but I’m not sure if this was in the playoffs or not. Well actually, I’ll guess its Game 5 of the playoffs in which the Pens won 4-1, cause it was only like 1:15 or so to go in the game so, hopefully that helps.

  2. deanarel says:

    Year? Regular season or playoffs? Game?

  3. mtlgrad93 says:


  4. Troosevelt703 says:

    yea “his” a hall of famer


    Yeah that’s real tough Kolzig, hit the guy that’s being held down by two refs and Hunter. You are a real class act aren’t you.

  6. DaShredda57 says:

    look closer. Wregget is in net. ~0:23

  7. aeverett4967 says:

    Fuck Dale Hunter that piece of shit his a chicken shit that only gives cheap shots

  8. jkrx says:

    Berube is a real class act.. on his fight card we got ppl like sweeny and zubov(!) wow thats a toughguy lol

  9. rockman841 says:

    Vince, this looks like game five of the series between the Caps and Pens from that year. I dunno how big of a pens fan you are but this game took place about 36 hours after the Pens beat the Caps in quadrple overtime to tie the series. Tommy Barrasso was hurt in the first period of that game and it was Ken Wregget in net for the Pens for the remainder of this series(including this game). Wregget (at this point in his career) was much milder mannered than Barrasso and was prolly still in the net

  10. xVincex8 says:

    where is barasso?

  11. knickyknockers says:

    What a laugh

  12. spillbait69 says:

    almost cry? what game did you watch. tinordi beat an average to below average fighter in stojanov big deal. the pens didnt have any good fighters at the time. leroux was the best and that isnt saying much at all. kolzig still had to wait till leroux couldnt fight back befor he started punching him.

  13. toughhockey says:

    Roche and Tamer??? your kidding right. Hey douchebag, Roche NEVER won a fight in his life and Tamer lost more than he won. Berube have fought those 2 pussies at the same time and whip the F out of then

  14. insaneiaq says:

    Too bad Dave Roche and Chris Tamer weren’t out on that line with Leroux. Would have killed all those stupid Caps.

  15. brainumbc says:

    caps vs pens 1990’s… always fun to watch… KOLZIG.. we still love you even though you wussed out and went to TB

  16. rgravesNJ says:

    What clothesline? The only ‘owning’ I remember that game was Tinordi re-arranging Stojanov’s face, and Schoenfeld almost making Trottier cry on the bench.

  17. cholulasaucehot says:

    suck a dick ok…….hows your fag russian ovenckin doin on the golf course ? grab a beer and watch us crush the flyers in the finals ass head

  18. cholulasaucehot says:

    the flyers/ pens triple overtime game in the late 90’s 97′ or 98′ was a better series trust me…the caps’pens shit isnt the real deal the flyers are are true nemisis…just watch it will happen again in a bout a week ive been watchin the pens since the late 70s so i know im right if you know what i mean

  19. jeffreywolfe2007 says:

    I’ve been watching hockey since ’87 and this was the best series I ever watched. The rivalry and the fights were amazing. And by the way the Pens own Kolzig to this day. Everytime I see that bum I think of how Leroux clotheslined him lame ass.

  20. markeyb64 says:


  21. ere667 says:

    pens owns caps fag caaps r in 25th pens r 4th?

  22. WshingtonPwns says:

    lol go caps pens lol? sid is crap all he dose is AST no goals. Ps our netminder fucks urs up

  23. magnifique66 says:

    96… the pens eliminated the caps… sucker

  24. cschalluspgh says:

    the caps suck you queers

  25. DaNumberOneFan says:

    GO CAPS GO, but what year was this from

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