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Pittsburgh Penguins vs. NY Rangers GAME ONE [4-25-08]


25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins vs. NY Rangers GAME ONE [4-25-08]”

  1. akl3g says:

    @triniranger91crosby is the fukin man. you sound butt hurt.

  2. TaInTeDlYnX says:

    @triniranger91 Even though all the teams they played that year got more powerplays than them?

    ..That’s a funny way to fix a series…

  3. triniranger91 says:

    @nnaxxie with all the help from officials :)

  4. nnaxxie says:

    @triniranger91 Yeah Yeah.. they suck.. that’s why they won the cup last year. Yup, you’re soooo right. -.-‘ eh, NO.

  5. DJX6668 says:

    im from NYC and i still say rangers suck dik & i love my penguins

  6. Diorable354 says:

    Is it just me or are the Pens and their fans quickly becoming the most hated team in the nhl?

  7. Raymondbeacon1 says:

    this is retarted fuck this argument

  8. TheEqualist says:

    Nah, you first.

  9. Raymondbeacon1 says:

    how bout u stop first

  10. TheEqualist says:

    How about you stop replying?

  11. Raymondbeacon1 says:

    how bout u go fuck urself?

  12. TheEqualist says:

    Well, considering that you have been commenting on penstube’s and other Pens-related videos, I’d say you do care.

  13. Raymondbeacon1 says:

    yea do u think i care?

  14. TheEqualist says:

    Didn’t the Rangers get shut out 3-0 by the Penguins yesterday?

  15. Raymondbeacon1 says:

    didnt the penguins give up a 3-0 lead afew weeks ago lol

  16. crosbyland87 says:

    I was at this game you fools!

  17. GuardianRebelDave12 says:

    I was at that game, and when it was 3-0 everyone was saying, oh well, they’ll gewt them in game 2, but when they tied it up at 3, u just knew the pens were gonna win

  18. TheEqualist says:

    You shouldn’t be talking. We sent the rangers packing last year in a hurry. Plus we just beat the wings in their own building.

  19. DaveYuvan says:

    ill tell you what, i was at that game and it was pure amazing the crowd was silent being down 3 – 0 and all the sudden within a minute we were down two and then before we new it we were tied, then when Crosby scored it was ridiculous the place erupted ive never been around so much energy my whole life it was amazing

  20. triniranger91 says:

    yeah thats why rangers are 6-1 and there gonna be 7-1 against detroit the team that y ou guys count beat.

  21. TheEqualist says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure he thinks Hitler is god too.

  22. TheEqualist says:

    Breaks? If anything, Rangers got plenty of breaks during their home games and STILL couldn’t get the job done. Lost in five games. The Pens made it to the finals. More than the Rangers ever could do in a long time.

    Pens lost a couple of players but also gained some good players. They’ll do just fine. As for the Rangers, can’t say the same thing. They lost their best player, Jagr and their little boyfriend, Avery. I don’t see a bright future for them. I wouldn’t be surprisd if joisey beat em.

  23. xpspro06 says:

    how can a team that makes it to the finals suck?
    Your points are a nuisance to the sport of hockey and human society. Just because we literally kicked the Rangers ass doesn’t mean you have to whine about it onto a Pens video page. We had the most amazing run ever and cheered and screamed until the very last second of the game. I have been a Penguin fan all of my life and this was the first year where I actually lived in the city of Pittsburgh for 3 months and it was inexplainable.

  24. triniranger91 says:

    yeah okkkk.
    the pens got so many breaks its not even funny
    the refs didnt call shit on the pens that needed to be called
    and they still coundt win a cup..
    There gonna suck more this year cause they lost mad ppl
    Rangers and lightning, the only two teams that will be good in the eastern confrence

  25. penstube says:

    Haha. Wow. You are quoting one of the pussy killers from the columbine shooting. You’re a joke.

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