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Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Rangers Shootout 12/3/08

Shootout between the Penguins vs. the Rangers

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Rangers Shootout 12/3/08”

  1. dlawndartw says:

    Redemption last night with a short bench and bull shit calls

  2. Nickrocks10161 says:

    you can’t really blame Sabourin, Those were hard shots to stop.

  3. NatureFavor says:

    @nticer5 then how comes he played in the best and hardest hockey league in the world?

  4. KidCalculator says:

    @sportsfriek23 LETS GO PENS

    Rangers stink this year

  5. jonbacc says:

    Lundquist must be the best goalie in the world on shoot outs.

  6. comradecommedy says:

    @DsturbedFan728 Actually hes slovakian

  7. JR66108 says:

    i think this is why we got rid of sabourin

  8. ooKn1GhToo says:

    lundquist r-tard

  9. sealthekeyhole says:

    This game was awesome… Go Rangers!

  10. fireangel240 says:

    @razorslice17 – LOL, so truee! he ruined it for the Pens );<

  11. razorslice17 says:

    Any professional goalie is better than Sabourin xD

  12. fireangel240 says:

    @razorslice17 – Lol, I still prefer Fleury better. :) But hey, you have to admit. Fleury is WAY better than Sabourin. >.>’

  13. razorslice17 says:

    Fleury is also a piece of shit. We want BRENT JOHNSON

  14. fireangel240 says:

    @razorslice17 – Yeah. Thank gosh there is Fleury now!

  15. GoPensGo2987 says:

    god dammett balysma PLAY FLEURY!

  16. razorslice17 says:

    Wow, as a huge Penguin fan, Sabourin is such a shitty goalie. Caron was better, Conklin was better, and Johnson is surely better. I mean look he starts so far out of the net that the Rangers just put it right in behind him each time xD

  17. DsturbedFan728 says:

    i know he’s at least half asian

  18. xcrossxfadex says:

    no he isnt he is from the czech

  19. DsturbedFan728 says:

    thats cuz he is lol

  20. nticer5 says:

    sabourin sucks

  21. sportsfriek23 says:

    i was at that game it was awesome

  22. nyrdarin says:

    ha i just noticed this its not about hockey but the guys user name is drab6969 hahahahahahahahahahahaha 69!!

  23. xcrossxfadex says:

    satan lookz asian

  24. WeaponUser2 says:

    HAHAHA they won. LOL!

  25. rcook0027 says:

    i beg to differ

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