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Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings: Shootout [1-31-10]

7th shootout of the season for the Pens, and 7th shootout win! All that pressure to not lose at mustache boy must be paying off! Crosby with a sick move and then Malkin to seal the deal! GO PENS!

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings: Shootout [1-31-10]”

  1. cursedlemon says:

    “This is not slow-mo, folks.” Uh, yes it is.

  2. SportsFanReview says:

    @AGreatDayForHockey87 who gives a shit n e more im a wings fan im over the fact that they beat my favourite team, they are still 2 both great teams with alot of skill. who gives a fuck what one dipshit says both teams are good

  3. AbsentAngel888 says:

    @R0ttenHell u suck

  4. Marciniakx5 says:

    Crosbys backhand is rediculous

  5. MegaCoolboy8 says:

    Sid the kid!!!!!

  6. R0ttenHell says:

    @time21420 Douche wing fags I mean fan!!! Howard sucks!

  7. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:


    Great points. I will certainly keep some of the things you mentioned in mind the next time it happens. Good luck in the playoffs!

  8. thekodajay09 says:

    @AGreatDayForHockey87 Fair enough, you’re still the defending champs. We aren’t. Too many of us Wings fans wear our hearts on our sleeves. Not the case with me. I’m sure it does get annoying, but you really shouldn’t let it bug you that much dude. Somebody has to win, somebody has to lose. You won last year, so what does it matter that a bitter Wings fan got his little Ah ha! moment in. I’d enjoy the fact that a fan of a rival team feels compelled to do that to your video post.

  9. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    @thekodajay09 It happens all the time, that’s usually why it bothers me. People are still posting in my playoff videos from last year, talking about whatever games happened this year. I try and read most of the comments I get so it gets annoying.

    You’re responding to a 2 week old comment, just so you know. The way youtube has this set up now isn’t helping, because it’s putting old comments at the top and people think they are new.

  10. thekodajay09 says:

    @AGreatDayForHockey87 Should of saw it coming, don’t know why you let it bother you.

  11. BeastlybrosStudios says:

    who are the RD WINGS i have heard of the red wings but not the RD WINGS LOL.

  12. surfertann says:

    wow that was a really good shot by datsyuk

  13. 99kashus says:

    damn… once malkin passes the blue line and starts to deke with the face of his stick… he does 10 deke’s, with ten being the goal. wow i didnt notice that at first. freakin awesome.

  14. 99kashus says:

    “and this is not slo mo folks” lol umm yea it is. Solid win nontheless and I am a wings fan (if that even matters). Howard, you can only get better (please do)

  15. DeadByScaryKids says:

    Malkin’s goal was better than Sid’s in my opinion. :]

  16. gamersxs says:

    Crosby is currently # 1 in the league in sobbing.

  17. iheartmovees says:

    @angelodeath9009 then go find footage of the last game and talk shit there, idiot. why waste time on a video that was posted 2 months ago?

  18. drehockey09 says:

    CROSBY AND MALKINN!!!! Penguins getting the cup again this year. OH YEA, WATCH MY VIDEOS!!!!!!!!********

  19. angelodeath9009 says:

    yea well howard sure owned him in the last game homo

  20. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    The Wings got their asses beat on June 12, I think that one was a bit more important.

    I can’t stand it when assholes like you wait and wait and wait for the next game between the two teams, then go back to an old video of mine that has nothing to do with the most recent game and post your trash talk.

    If you want to talk shit, find the video of the actual game you are talking about.

  21. time21420 says:

    thy got there asses beat last night LETS GO RD WINGS! fuck the penguins

  22. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    A good captain would have waited 10 more seconds to shake an opponent’s hand.

  23. leetsawcee says:

    i’m sorry, do you see lidstrom crying? No, never, because he is a GOOD captain.

  24. GoPensGo2987 says:

    ur such a douche. crosby isnt a baby. i dont get how he ever was a baby. he doesnt wine. he may argue with the ref, but its his job, hes the captain. and were gonna go farther than the devils this year dude. devils lost to the leafs. u dont lose to teh leafs, man.

  25. danglesaucemusta says:

    I fucking hate crosby but that was a sick goal

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