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Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings: “One Defining Moment- Game 7″

There is no journey like the NHL Playoffs. Nothing compares. Now the hockey world is graced with the greatest of all games, the top of the mountain...Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. One game, one winner, one champion. Are you ready? The Pittsburgh Penguins vs the Detroit Red Wings...let's get it on!

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings: “One Defining Moment- Game 7″”

  1. nicolette808 says:

    @danglesnipesdaniel naw im pretty sure there one thats worse…detroit :)

  2. crickcrackatack says:

    @danglesnipesdaniel I agree totally. I was watching this game and I couldnt believe the crap they were pulling. Detroit was robbed!

  3. danglesnipesdaniel says:

    pittsburgh is the worst city in the united states. we all know that the refs gave it to em

  4. ChiefsandRedWings says:

    @razorslice17 first of all, i was actually talking about the cups we’ve won since the start of your franchise, which is one more than you. secondly, we didn’t “drop the cup” we lost quite a few players en route to the championship, so now that i’ve answered that, how does it feel to have lost in ’08?, in SIX games. hmmm? hmmm? btw, we weren’t embarrassed by the sharks, they were no. 1, but YOU guys lost to the 8 seed, those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. how ya like me now Dick

  5. razorslice17 says:

    Yeah, but don’t forget that the Red Wings only have 4 Stanley Cups from the time the Penguins were actually in the league until today. So keep bragging about the cups you won back when there were only 6 teams in the league. How was it dropping your cup run to the Pens in 09 and then getting embarrassed by the Sharks last year despite having some of the NHL’s top talent.

  6. ChiefsandRedWings says:

    @ChiefsandRedWings sorry they have 3 stanley cups

  7. ChiefsandRedWings says:

    @sgttysar hey man, don’t worry, we’ve still got 4 Stanley cups in like, 13 years. Our Captain has more Stanley cups than their entire team, and a gold medal, and 6 norris trophies. plus, we defeated them in 6 games, but they needed seven, so technically; Red Wings: 7 wins Penguins: 6. i’m no mathematician, but that adds up nicely.

  8. tracy6381508 says:

    I’m canadian hiackey goalie my fav team is the pens baby there gonna do it again this year and no ones gonna stop them

  9. sgttysar says:

    <— Detroit Redwings my home team i was pissed u guys won… Due to cry baby crosby

  10. 2010SuperSportsfan says:

    this vid has awsome hype to it :] and they will do it again this year

  11. Umenyiora922 says:

    @lem66ieux And you know why? Because they won most of them before the draft was in place… If you’re a Canadian player growing up, where would you want to sign? Either Toronto or Montreal (and considering people weren’t paid much, you’d definitely want to).

  12. lem66ieux says:

    You know who has the most Stanley Cups overall?? Habs baby!!! Check out this video i made about the Habs, similar to this one: watch?v=1-UvvKrx90k

  13. chaldochamp3 says:

    @Abjuicycouture O look, no more Pens. O look who has 11 Stanley Cups and look who has 3. Look who has the most Stanley Cups in America. That’s right. DEEEETROIT

  14. ferrariman0 says:

    @aus199699 amen booyah go D’s even though they r out

  15. thegeo1 says:

    Very good video but heavily bias to Pittsburgh.

    Like the way the pictures were used, some great pictures too.

  16. Abjuicycouture says:

    Shut your idiotic mouths. You really need to get a live if you spend your day thinking of ways to “burn” Pittsburgh. Stupid people, stupid stupid people. Stop sniffing the sharpies and grow up! Let’s go Pens!

  17. superstarmax25 says:

    that’s right! awesome video!

  18. FSfrom74 says:

    I wanted to thank you forever for making this video. I got goosebumps and cried last year before game 7 watching this and to this day I still do. Call me a female softie for doing that but what can I say. Being a full season ticket holder it just makes it more special since I was there for the Pens home games.
    Many thanks again, you are a genius.

  19. aus199699 says:


  20. 20003606 says:

    probably not thats so hard to do. the 97/98 wings couldnt do that and theyre one of the best teams ever. pens will probably be beat by the caps or devils they picked up kovelchuck and are soild defensively.

  21. 20003606 says:

    huets not good enough for them to win not consistant enough. caps spend far too much on one player for theyre team to work if they dont win it this year.

  22. penshockeyluv3r says:

    i like the music

  23. redflag41 says:

    If the Sedin’s keep putting up number like they ar now, they have a very good shot. I hear Burrows and Kesler are doing very well also.

  24. Amoostoons says:

    I was half joking lol After being a fan for 20 odd years I’ve come to the bitter realization that we’ll probably never make it. Samuelsson’s been playing real well tho. He’s kinda seized the opportunity to play a more prominent role. If we can stay healthy then we do have a shot I guess :)

  25. redflag41 says:

    The Nucks have a real good chance of making it this year. How is Sammy working out for them?

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