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Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings Consol Energy Center 9/22/10

First game in Consol Energy Center! Pre-season September 22, 2010 Quality is crap because of youtube's compression...

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings Consol Energy Center 9/22/10”

  1. RedWingsChamps2011 says:

    Penguins Suck bettmans cock

  2. SteelCityChamps1 says:

    Hahaha you sir are an asshole. What the fuck are you talking about man?? The new arena’s great! Pissing all over the concourse lol.. I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Hahaha

  3. Pat12151215 says:

    Consol Energy Center is a dump. Went there last night and sat in section 223. One lady fell down the steep steps. No one could help her because they were too busy trying to get up the steps to take a piss, and there are NO bathrooms. People were pissing all over the concourse. One lady went into the cardiac arrest because of the steep steps. The popcorn smelt like ass Stay away from CEC. Total shithole.

  4. XHorus8649X says:

    I WAS THERE!!!!! God just watching this over again on my phone or with your video gives me the biggest chills. LETS GO PENS!!!

  5. adsbuckeye3 says:

    They kept the old horn huh?

  6. Chitown2701 says:


  7. DLine87 says:

    @kngoPITT Pens suck! LET”S GO WINGS!

  8. corance17 says:

    na man, im 20 and i go to college and have an apartment….no need for porn i have a gf….nething else?? btw overrated??? sid is a cup champ numerous trophies and gold medal winner. overrated???

  9. zillatattoo says:

    @corance17 wow! Im a bitch? no……cindy is a bitch.just another no-heart overated piece of canadian garbage. is 17 your age? does your mommy know you are on-line? I dont think she appreciates the gay porn site cookies you leave on her browser-delete that shit beyotch!

  10. lilyflower2004 says:

    man that noise after they announce games is new…and i hate it!. anybody else?

  11. Pensfan19 says:

    When I was there, I didn’t notice the sirens during the horn…probably cause its really loud!

  12. SteelCityChamps1 says:


    I know. I guess they couldn’t find anyone else..?

  13. corance17 says:

    least his knee aint fucked up! have a fun season with Franzen not at 100% but then again when is he ever

  14. chilifnpalmer76 says:

    thanks for posting GO Burgh!

  15. kngoPITT says:

    @aothen 5-1 Pens

  16. aothen says:

    who won?

  17. Portis1Luv says:

    This PA announcer blows.

  18. Keatingfire252 says:

    @thechez29 damn i was hoping he would go for the gold in the pads again, o well lets just pray he bounces back and has a stellar year again

  19. footballstud1408 says:

    @corance17 and… the guy that knocked him out got his ASS KICKED right after so fuck you

  20. x24flames24x says:

    hey quality isnt that bad, just nice someone put up a video, thanks

  21. corance17 says:

    haha shut the fuck up and go sulk some more in ur shitty ass team.

  22. corance17 says:

    haha only person who got knocked out last night was Franzen BITCH.

  23. maxou5757 says:

    @zillatattoo will you fuckin STFU stupid hater

  24. zillatattoo says:

    fuck crysby and his daddy gary.good job beating our 3rd, 4th 5th, and 6th lines and our 3rd,4th, and 5th D-pairs jag-offs.would have been awesome if cindy got knocked out for 80% of the season.

  25. LOKISlog7 says:

    Guess all the redwing loudmouths missed BOULERICE schooling downwy…….

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