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Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings 2009 Stanley Cup Finals: Rally Video

Stanley Cup Finals: Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings Same as my Flyers one, just a few clips and several pictures I got. I put this together in about an hour so I apologize if it's not as good as the other one. I still like it though. DO IT Oh yeah, and the song is by X-Ray Dog. Fittingly called "Dethrone the King". Let's hope the Pens do just that. Honors: #80 - Most Discussed (Today) - Sports #91 - Most Viewed (Today) - Sports - Canada

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings 2009 Stanley Cup Finals: Rally Video”

  1. Denis543 says:

    @Sundin456 yeah Toronto is looking good this year…not

  2. xboxplaya420 says:

    hossa cup chasing bitch

  3. critzer101 says:

    goooooooooooooo pppppeeeeeeeennnnssssssssss

  4. mrpizzapwns111 says:

    @Sundin456 they just got deon phenauf and J.S giguere, ya they better win this year

  5. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    Hey Sundin456, care to comment on the REGULAR season game between the Pens and the Leafs this past Saturday?


  6. Reinisnekas says:

    Pens look solid this year too, but I doubt they will repeat cup win this year.

    Wings? I’d say far from being impressive at the moment.
    of course this is only begining of the season, so anything can happen.

    @ Leafs fan – without strong goaltending your team is not going to get very far and I’m not sure if any of those goalies are capable of carying the team in long play-off run this season.

  7. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    “it doesn’t matter, it was preseason”


  8. Sundin456 says:

    Yep it doesn’t matter if it was pre season we still beat them and we are winning against Detroit right now 2-0

  9. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    lol, a Leafs troll? Bragging about a preseason game? Really?

  10. Sundin456 says:

    Who cares Leafs are gonna win this year they already smoked Pittsburgh

  11. rycon246 says:

    It’s easy to just pick the safe bet sometimes but not this year I guess !

  12. raweras360 says:

    look at all the good players they had…they had a power team

  13. saxgoalie says:

    yeah but i will say tho, it doesnt really matter when ur team formed i mean look at the blackhawks they were in the original 6 and they only won 3 stanley’s, and look at the oilers they didnt join till 81 or 82 and they won 5 or 6 stanley cups,

  14. Cherrypeltthewarrior says:

    i meant the overall amount of cups

  15. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    7 of those were before Pittsburgh was even in the league…

    Kind of hard to win if your team hasn’t been formed yet.

    Since Pittsburgh entered the league:

    Detroit has 4, Pittsburgh has 3. All 7 have come in the last 20 years.

  16. Cherrypeltthewarrior says:

    i agree. it doesnt. pittsburgh only has 3 stanley cups versus detroits 11 stanley cups

  17. Cherrypeltthewarrior says:

    hockeytown belongs in detroit and detroit alone. that will never change.

  18. pensgirlx71 says:

    deadfingerboarder… if u think hockey is rigged you are seriously messed up

  19. Sawah144 says:

    Nice video. What is the title of the song ?

  20. Sinsemilla4u says:

    Hahaha…the Detroit school system did you well I see. Not only are you just whining over a hockey game, but you type like a 5 year old. Slow down and think next time lol.

  21. skankinruby says:

    lol lookin forward to it bitch, you thought hossa would help you out now that bitch moved on to greener pastures in chicago what will be ur next move

  22. deadfingerboarder says:

    f you crosby is a litle bitch and bettmen completly gave the pens that game the would have been fired if they did not folow bettem

  23. Sinsemilla4u says:

    Lol, you mean like in the series that the Caps lost? Yeah, Ovechkin really fucked Crosby up.

  24. brw147 says:


  25. RTR9 says:

    yea what u a pengiuns fan hhah
    ovechkin would fuck ur boy crozzbby up

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