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Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Buffalo WINTER CLASSIC [1-1-08]


25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Buffalo WINTER CLASSIC [1-1-08]”

  1. cavalrytm says:

    I would like to thank all the Pens fans for ruining almost every video of the 2008 Winter Classic on YouTube with their ignorant comments. I would also like to thank them for bashing the city that hosted this event, before, during and after. Way to have ZERO respect. Stay classy.

  2. mizzstar21 says:

    Sidney Crosby’s amazing. Deal with it.

  3. nert45 says:

    Overall Miller is better than Conklin. If you look at both goalies stats, Miller is better!!!

  4. tylerdiesel1 says:

    @Unstoppablegoalie why do like miller. It is miller time

  5. XxsleapxX says:

    Army was still there! This was ages ago! o_O Oh man good times xD

  6. Unstoppablegoalie says:

    millers beanie over his helmet was a good one for miller


  7. MegaDxs says:

    Not anymore, the 2010 Winter Classic is going to be played at Fenway Park in Boston.

  8. CoachSnap89 says:

    Announcer says “celebration here in Boston” at 8:04. Wrong City

  9. breakershockey99 says:

    crosby scored in the shootout to win the game next year its in chicago blackhawks vs redwings go pens

  10. shmingle2 says:

    the pens are awesome

  11. kobeandshaqBFF says:

    next year its in chicago at wrigley field man

  12. TheUnleashedForce says:

    Great game! Can’t wait for next year.

  13. rogtodd says:

    Philly way overpaid mighty mouse. No show in the conference finals once again. If I were a Philly fan I’d be pissed, but then again they always are since they are Philly fans and Philly teams never win squat.

  14. ibelieveinthejoker says:

    I actually second that, I really pefered Drury over him when they were here and I still do.

  15. rogtodd says:

    Kinda like Briere ;-)

  16. ibelieveinthejoker says:

    I was at this game, and it was the greatest expirence in my life. GO SABRES!

    P.S. Come on enough is enough with Crosby, he’s way too overrated.

  17. statman06 says:

    That’d be interesting to see because that’s a much more intimate environment than a football stadium.

  18. redstaracura says:

    I just can’t wait that in just a few months we’ll be experiencing this in Chicago if everything goes planned, with the Hawks playing the Red Wings in Wrigley Field.

  19. stryker1707 says:

    sidney crosby the next gretzky, just give him more time. im a canucks fan, but gotta give love to pittsburgh, and my boy RUUTU!

  20. BuffaloSabres11 says:

    penguins are my 2nd fav team, who i am rooting for in the playoffs!! i was at this game pure magic!!

  21. jkens71 says:

    I was there also. What a great Day for the NHL and the City of Buffalo in General. Even though our team lost in the end it was something ill remember for the rest of my life. I’m glad i got to share that day with my father watching the game he introduced me 2. Great day for the sport of hockey. Lets go Buffalo!

  22. futureswitcher says:

    I was there it was amazing! GO PENS

  23. bankheist says:

    Coolest damn thing I ever saw :)

  24. rogtodd says:

    Canadian fans are such bitter people (especially those who like the Leafs or the Habs) and hate the fact that the best player in the world plays for PITTSBURGH. GO PENS, we’re gonna win the cup!

  25. attie3 says:

    this is what i want for the winter CLASSIC THE DETROIT REDWING VS THE Blackhawks OR THE Maple Leafs AT THE U OF M BIG HOUSE THAT WOULD BE COOL

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