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Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Finals Opening Video

This is the video the Pittsburgh Penguins played prior to taking the ice in game 3 vs. Detroit. Filmed from my seat.

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Finals Opening Video”

  1. Trafael777777777 says:

    pittsburgh penguins

  2. sidneycrosbyfan1000 says:

    go pens

  3. Pensfan5587 says:

    in my life football doesnt come even close to hockey!!!!!!!

  4. russman175 says:

    thanks :) nothing like Playoff Hockey

  5. pens4life71 says:


  6. cccchristien says:

    pens 3rd stanley cup, wings like 5+ stanley cup

  7. 8771CrosbyMalkin says:

    i know exactly what u mean, i have been a penguins fan from birth, and will always be a pens fan no matter what, they deserve to lift the cup this year, they will have a great team for years to come!

  8. egantomr says:

    Pens got the Cup.
    Detroit got Hossa.
    ….nuf said.
    Congratulations Pens!

  9. egantomr says:

    As one true Penguins fan to another, I too hate it when people jump on the bandwagon. However, I think your estimate is way off. Granted, when the Pens made a run for their first Cup, “fans” seemed to come out of the woodwork. I was offended by that because I was there cheering the team even before Mario. I do believe that today, however, the average Pittsburgher understands and appreciates the game. Unfortunately, no matter how well the Pens do, football will always come first.

  10. egantomr says:

    Not sure where Pittsburg is and even if they have a hockey team there. I do know that PITTSBURGH has been a good market for hockey since the mid-80’s. That is a proven fact based on attendance to population as well as TV ratings….. By the way, the Pens just won their 3rd Cup against “Hockeytown”.

  11. pbenna says:

    its so loud it could cause an earth quake

  12. jkozar1 says:

    I know what you mean… I was stuck in the hospatal durring the playoffs… UGHHHHHHHHH

  13. jenniferrx13 says:

    ahh, i got chills watching this.

    hopefully they can pull it off again.

  14. mdkosa says:

    Liquid look where Fleury got us.. honestly with Thibault Caron Conklin and Sabourin we wouldn’t gotten far. Not that i dont have faith it them.

  15. StaryNight17 says:

    WOW! I’m A Detroit Fan But I’ll Admitt.. Thats one Of The Coolest NHL Enterances I’ve Ever Seen! Great Energy in that Arena Too!


  16. darkheadshot says:

    I am a penguins fan and I know that 40%+ of those people are bandwagoners. I don’t care, what ever gives my fav team the moneeeehzzz.

  17. jetkou says:

    And yes Pitts has always been a great hockey market. They had 2 years of bad attendance(for a reason their team was worse then a AHL and wa sthreatening to leave) Why dont you go back and look at your(DETOILET) attendance in the earily 1990’s then come back and talk to me. Your attendance wasent so good either so i’d shut my mouth if i were you. Funny how Detroit had tough sell for tickets all year and they are talking about FAN base.. hahaha

  18. jetkou says:

    Ok buddy your just another wanna be hockey fan. I dont talk to people that dont understand or know OUR game. Pitts JUST went to the cup with Fleury has Dion even brought flames to the cup? No.. so wtf are you babbling about you stupid fak. Second Pitts wont go anywhere cause Lemieux wouldnt let it happend, LEARN the facts before you flap your gross gums. Im not even a pens fan..

  19. xXxLiquidMetaLxXx says:

    Pittsburg has always been a good hockey market? they couldn’t give that team away 2 years ago NumbNuts!

  20. xXxLiquidMetaLxXx says:

    Clever comeback whodaddy! Many players go their entire career without touching the cup so dont get all excited. The best part of this situation is that in 2003 you fools had first pick overall and you picked Fleury, you idiots could have had Dion phaneuf! lmao losers, Deal with it Bitches!

  21. jetkou says:

    Comming from a OILERS FAN. First off, Pittsburgh fans were alot louder, lets be honest. Second speaking of a fan base, there was reports of how much fans have dropped off from detroit. There are empty seats for last two years including playoffs. Lets see Detroit fall on their ass and will see how many die hards you have. They wont cuz wings are good. Detroit is good hockey city too, but dont put down Pittsbugh cuz they always been good hockey market. there are many bad ones in usa, not these two

  22. whodaddy12 says:

    well gee at least he’s got more time than over half your team does to win another cup….

  23. TopshelfCheapsuit says:

    wow tubby-boy, does stevo’s dick taste good in your mouth?

  24. TopshelfCheapsuit says:

    wow. how creative.

    if u want REAL talent, come to detroit


  25. TopshelfCheapsuit says:

    oh yeah because i made it really clear in my last comment that i “helped the team win”

    shitty fan base? this coming from the guys who supports the pens, a team who couldnt even get 10 people to show up for a regular season game a couple years ago, that is until that drafted that overrated pansy assed crosby

    im not sure what channel you were watching, but the place was packed, and you know it. maybe the sucky fan base has to do with the fact that 75% of the detroit population is black.

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