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Pittsburgh Penguins – Stanley Cup Champions

Hier Kommt Alex - Die Toten Hosen

23 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins – Stanley Cup Champions”

  1. Moenchnator says:

    selber gemacht?? geil!!

  2. thore210 says:

    Awesome vid. but i think the song doesn’t fit…

  3. CrosbyJonas87 says:

    i live in wilkes barre so seeing some of the guys i grew up watching and rooting for become stanley cup champions was awesome

  4. tspring90 says:

    like the rest of your videos, i love it…and i hope to see another like it after this season when the Pens make it back-to-back! GO PENS!!!!!!

  5. eeeeeedwarduo says:

    red wings suck this year its the pens and caps this season

  6. gpappas69 says:

    ugh idk ppl. they wont repeat as champs/ they got lucky is on this season a lot of teams are re built and in full gear

    The NFL starts tonight get on tonight’s Picks

    hot sports plays (.) com

  7. wbspensfan28 says:

    Well said, I just believe it was their time to win, detroit was due to lose and since I live in wilkes barre and got to see alot of those guys develop I just knew they were gonna pull it off.

  8. crazyeyes1977 says:

    i think honestly going into the finals even as a Pens fan i would have said the Wings are the better team top to bottom. But i love the way the Pens fought, scrapped, and flat out refused to back down to Detriot. the determination they showed, and the will to overcome all odds, is an inspiration. they worked hard and were justly rewarded.

  9. ChrisPie91 says:


  10. 11fastway says:

    Awesome Penguin footage. What a year! In February Ben to Santonio in the closing minute to win SB43 and then in June M A Fleurry makes the save of the century w/ a second left to bring home the Cup.

  11. mrporter2u says:

    Toxic, you do some of the best sports videos on Youtube. Excellent work.

  12. SwooshDominator15 says:

    After we won that shootout in Washington
    it seemed we were impossible to beat!

  13. lawrencetimmons94 says:

    Awesome, THANKS!

    Free candy, FTW!

  14. toxicxsunset says:


  15. lawrencetimmons94 says:

    BTW :59 who made that hit?

  16. lawrencetimmons94 says:

    Your an idiot. They won’t respond.

  17. horses4me608 says:

    does anyone know Sidney Crosby, Kris Letang, or Jordan Staal’s e-mail if you do please message me back as soon as possible i really need it. My boyfriend really loves the penguins and its our anniversary

  18. SearchingYT says:


  19. miners14 says:

    awesome video!

  20. Halo2sleker says:

    all we need is a world series and then wil have it all except basketball

  21. Debs03 says:

    GREAT video clips!

  22. pshoubaby says:

    i loved it, but the music was kinda wierd

  23. lawrencetimmons94 says:

    Just as good as all your football vids. I was waiting for this, and it wasn’t a dissapointment (minus the foreign music, was kinda weird).

    Great job again!

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