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Pittsburgh Penguins – Sounds Of The Game

Pittsburgh Penguins - Sounds of the game

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins – Sounds Of The Game”

  1. penshockey96 says:

    @thegoldenfaces i think it’s colby armstrong

  2. thegoldenfaces says:

    kay at like 0:09, is that Malkin who says ‘oww!” haha

  3. thegoldenfaces says:

    kay at like 0:02, is that Malkin who says ‘oww!” haha

  4. JVhapu says:

    @cooliobob19 i like when we win the stanley cup

  5. cooliobob19 says:

    i like when crosby gets hit with the puck

  6. smiley14469 says:

    potash could shoot hardder than that! haha, i love how they always beak potash

  7. champford says:

    Saturday saturday……

  8. spongedom96 says:

    what are we the muffin line ahahahahahahahahahahah

  9. bverbeem95 says:

    ruutu singing. . . CLASSIC

  10. 69Miniboy says:

    “You wanna go? You wanna go?” LOL

  11. poodtang1 says:


  12. poodtang1 says:

    I wish they would too. The announcers annoy the piss out of me.

  13. AndyHurleysChicklet7 says:

    i miss Sykora :(

  14. wolfjak says:

    love malone you wanna go tommy

  15. showtyme903 says:

    @SidneyCrosbyLuver10 I heard the same thing… I think LaRaque said it to Crosby after he scored because Crosby hooked him up with a sweet pass!

  16. SidneyCrosbyLuver10 says:

    at the very end it sounds like someone said i love you man!!( : haha lol

  17. 44dangle44 says:

    lmao 0:38 he remembered he had a mic on!

  18. Madaquamoon says:

    I think talbot said ” oh, hey camera man. ” lolz. ” what are we the muffin line.” lolz. gotta love this team!

  19. SuperHockeygirl87 says:

    HAHAHAHAHA OH GEEZ I LOVE THE PART WHEN RUUTU SINGS!! then he goes over and he’s like”sing, cmon sing!” “put it on youtube, you might get a deal” LMFAOOOOO! “i hate cameramen” lol.

  20. FoxnKibbles says:

    lol Talbot…”I hate cameraman”

  21. LiveLaughLove2207 says:

    y have comentators when u have have them!
    “hey cameraman” lol
    only if they had a mic on kennedy when he licked his stick. i wonder what we’d hear. haha

  22. chihiro602 says:

    @miners14 I thought he said HEY CAMERA MEN..

  23. wwemario123 says:

    THAT’s the reason why the Pens got rid of Ruutu

  24. wwemario123 says:

    Sid the kid: Like Boom Boom yeah

  25. tornadolion says:

    Lmao at the beginning he looked down and went “bleehhh!” like he stepped in something rofl

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