[Pittsburgh Penguins] Skates & Plates 2009

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15 Responses to “[Pittsburgh Penguins] Skates & Plates 2009”

  1. jptennis94 says:

    that girl with sid was like HAYYYYY LOOK WHO IM WITH!!

  2. jptennis94 says:

    shes terrible!

  3. Lola6041 says:

    wow, who is this girl? And wtf did they give her a mic? She’s crap.

  4. penguinslover87 says:

    did she really have to name every single thing that was on the tables? butter.. olive oil… OMG? A NAPKIN?! NO WAY.

  5. cassidyy96 says:

    this was put on youtube exactly a year ago. thought that was kinda cool:P
    ps its april 8th today if you didnt know

  6. helix527 says:

    U know Geno banged that chick in the kitchen

  7. lynch390 says:

    She’s sexy though

  8. Jsarje87 says:

    I really don’t like Alyonka. She doesn’t seem righht for the job.

  9. thisusernameisweak says:

    i love geno’s clap

  10. blindcynic says:

    Eric Godard looks pretty classy.

  11. walarissa says:

    ya, and she got to cook with geno!

  12. CarlieCurlyQ says:

    She’s hilarious! She isn’t afraid to be herself. (Example, mentioning she likes chocolate like a thousand times.) I would LOVE her job. Working for the Penguins, talking to the players, and eating chocolate cake?! Uh! So jealous.

  13. gator1624 says:

    Alyonka is awesome. Id cook chocolate cake with her lol Scuderi is pimpin with the golf socks lol

  14. JordanStaalxlover11 says:

    Alyonka, i love her
    she’s entertaining

  15. fooldeth says:

    Alyonka seems pissed off.

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