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Pittsburgh Penguins: Seek & Destroy

When players are frustrated in a hockey game, they usually have a fight or a big hit. Since the Pens are losing, I figured I would upload this. I actually did this just before the season started but never uploaded it, so it's all from last year. Maybe we could all view some big hits to vent at the recent losing streak of the Pens. Amiright?

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins: Seek & Destroy”

  1. Findog71 says:

    Nice vid :D

  2. gaminkalv says:

    4:47 – Satan Prevails!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:


    I think you meant 3 seconds and yes, they were both out on the opening faceoff and fought, lol

  4. kingbigb2 says:

    3:50 3 minutes in the game and theres a fight?

  5. Horseloverpei117 says:

    At 3:21 I was laughing my head off.

    Also at 3:10, PWND!!!!

    Awesome Vid btw. Huge Pens fan.

  6. jonasbros02 says:

    This is the best video on Pittsburgh Penguins hits I have ever seen. This is amazing!

  7. royb5000 says:

    Awesome video, my favorite part is definitetly at 6:35 when Cookie puts Ovagkin into the wall.

  8. royb5000 says:

    Awesome video, my favorite part is definitetly at 6:35 when Cookie puts Ovagkin into the wall.

  9. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    Thanks! :)

  10. HemHaw136 says:

    DAMN, sickest pens vid ive ever seen!!!!!!!

  11. HemHaw136 says:

    Dude you forgot the nailers and wild things lol

  12. PittsburghSteelersTS says:

    we are going to have a push after the break the Pens will win the atlantic get the 2 or 3 seed and win the cup or at least knock washington and philly out too
    Go Steelers
    Go Penguins
    Go Pirates
    Go Notre Dame
    Go WB/S Penguins

  13. 1995brendan1995 says:

    lol i love the carolina vs pens game, pens up 7-4, 4 dif fights at once

  14. 1995brendan1995 says:

    Oh man orpik wrecked the guy

  15. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    It’s certainly possible that I missed a hit or two throughout the season. My methods are not perfect so it can happen. I can’t even recall what that hit looked like or what time of year it was, so if it’s not in this video I probably don’t have it.

  16. brg27 says:

    What a great video. Man Cooke was a beast in the playoffs especially the finals. One question, where his the hip check scuderi laid on zubruis? Zubruis hated himself after that game.

  17. cbk1813 says:

    loved this video !! thanks for sharing ! the best one is when Malkin avoids Ovechkin and AO knocks out his buddy backstrom at 03:12 !!!

  18. PittPens017 says:

    This make the Pens look like a dirty team but I like it..nice vid

  19. Pittsburgh71Penguins says:

    Awesome Video!, Great Music, Great Fights, Great Hits. Thx for all the Great Videos! Let’s Go Pens!

  20. Jrm4cam says:

    Never seen biznasty lose a fight. Thats one tough s.o.b.

    Godard is a hardass as well.

  21. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:


  22. PerogieBoy714 says:

    kunitz hit on timonin (i cant spell) is the best hit of the video, just my opinion

  23. noticemex33 says:

    Awesome video! Love Max at the end, perfect. Ha.

  24. WPAJoker says:

    Dude! Great video…I’m posting this to my facebook page

  25. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    When I think up an idea, the song always comes first. The highlights follow.

    Yeah, I’m not worried, especially after everything that happened last season. We’ll iron out any issues and be stronger for when it really counts.

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