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Pittsburgh Penguins Scavenger Hunt in Stockholm, Sweden.

Pens TV follows group Max Talbot, Kris Letang, Ruslan Fedotenko, & Tyler Kennedy in Sweden on the scavenger hunt. [ALL COPYRIGHTS ARE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS ©]

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins Scavenger Hunt in Stockholm, Sweden.”

  1. iLoveKrisLetang1 says:

    How can you not fall in love with the Pens?
    They’re such a great hockey team and extremely funny!

  2. greenducky007 says:

    why were they in sweden???

  3. NHLfreak87 says:

    Lol why is the dude at 00:23 holding a sign that says “working” in swedish? :P. Is that Christensen maybe?

  4. 123ablagdon says:

    haha it’s funny because max is in sweden

  5. xTheUndeadAvengedx says:

    @xTheUndeadAvengedx hockey**

  6. xTheUndeadAvengedx says:

    hahaha x) who ever got the idea that gockey players were immature :P ? gotta love these guys though :D

  7. flower2930 says:

    only fleury would run after the random bird!!! HAHAHAHA i love him!!! :DDDD PENs=funniest team in the NHL!!! hahaha!!

  8. SeymourPenguin says:

    Cool vid. Apparently Letang is not quite tidy, judging by Talbot’s remark “That guy has lost it for sure!”

  9. NHLbabe87 says:

    @greasefan16 It was fleury because the beak of letang’s hat is red and fleury’s is black and the part where he is chasing the bird, the hat is all black.

  10. Gaara7Neji says:

    hahha letang lost his boat ticket and tabolt walks away|!

  11. CMarauder17 says:

    great video. where’s sweden? LMAO i made a video/tribute for the penguins to get pumped up for the playoffs. check it out! I hope you like it!!

  12. DCassidine says:

    where can you watch the whole thing online?

  13. iicyjaay says:

    LMFAO on the bus !

  14. sidcrosbyfan087 says:

    great video- i love when they pal around and such. aww…buddies!! lol. max talbot, you crack me up… : D love all your commercials too <3

  15. 87penguinlover71 says:

    Love this video. It’s never gonna get old. Lol Maxy I love ur hat!

  16. xashleyxisxhardcorex says:

    Fedotenko, look at that hair.

  17. molls033192 says:

    haha i love this
    it’s never gonna get old!

  18. kimhckylvr87 says:

    that was funny you
    can find this on
    ondemand and its says follow
    “max talbot kris letang ruslan fedatenko
    and tyler dennedy in sweden it was
    funny bu that was cool Paul Bissonnette
    “hey….hey seal”ahhha fun times to whatch

  19. greasefan16 says:

    haha was that fleury or letang going after the huge bird lmao!
    and waht was letang asking the lady! lmao
    haha sid playing with talbots viking hat :P
    love this team and their chemistry!!! so hilarious!

  20. StAnLeYcUpChAmPs2oo9 says:

    OMG! I love Tyler Kennedy’s hair! It’s soo curly! I’m use to seeing him with a helmet on so I LOVE HIS HAIR hahaha!

  21. HastChaotix says:

    Matt Cooke looks absolutely adorable.

  22. WWGRD22 says:

    pens are amazing and max talbot is the man

  23. 25superstarpudding58 says:

    heeeeeeeehe this is so awesome i love you fsn!

  24. horseyluver4ever says:

    They were there for the start of their season and did this to help bond with new players i think.

  25. horseyluver4ever says:

    I love Letang!

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