Pittsburgh Penguins – Rocked The Red

My little tribute video for the Penguins beating the capitals

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  1. GhostWalker40 says:

    @Austinku25 I’ve had douchier comments than that, so it’s all good

  2. Austinku25 says:

    @GhostWalker40 Yeah, sorry that was kind of a douchey comment. But anyways, this is stil a great video. I’m a huge Pens fan and thanks for putting up all these vids. Pens are gonna do great next season with their defensive changes.

  3. GhostWalker40 says:

    @Austinku25 Aren’t you the observant one

  4. Austinku25 says:


  5. hockeylover51398 says:

    i don`t even know y ovie playes hockey really think about it ?

  6. HilfMir55 says:

    This video is just beautiful ! but the thing at the end is the creepiest thing ever …

  7. lawrencetimmons94 says:

    Its shiny! <3

  8. kavita88 says:

    I like the sparkles :) lol
    awesome video!

  9. ZatchPatch says:

    hahahaha love how you had it show ovie faceplant and turn around and watch god rape his shit

  10. SwooshDominator15 says:

    great video!

  11. SwooshDominator15 says:

    yes we did!

  12. sambo631 says:

    Oh so sweet – Stanley Cup is home in Pittsburgh 2009 !!

  13. 1CrowSorrow says:

    Lol Ovie at the end.
    Neat video.

  14. dsulli8 says:

    seriously amazing
    from 0:57 to 1:00 best part of that series!
    LETS GO PENS!!!!!

  15. sikwitit9965 says:

    thanks m8

  16. GhostWalker40 says:

    It’s called “Nowhere” by “The Birthday Massacre”

  17. sikwitit9965 says:

    oh by the way.. what is the name of this song?

  18. GhostWalker40 says:


  19. kev2252 says:

    penguins are better than capitals

  20. sikwitit9965 says:

    such an epic vid… great job!

  21. lanelectra says:

    Majestic as hell.

    Also, :52 cracked me up.

  22. iluvsumo says:

    0:52 = Ovie missing another hit and falling down!

  23. theonlytitan1 says:

    3:20 cool play

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