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Pittsburgh Penguins Receive 2009 Stanley Cup

Its cut off when the interviews start, but this should give you the gist of it.

19 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins Receive 2009 Stanley Cup”

  1. Patrick3465 says:

    lmao Boucher “FUCKIN RIGHT YEAAH!”

  2. canucks589 says:

    2:47 to 2:49 lol.

  3. pittpens10562 says:

    fuck yourself!!!!

  4. avebabe says:

    It’s very hard to read what the fuck you’re trying to say?? It’s not a penguin game if you say they dont care about hockey? Learn how to speak.

    Oh wait, I see the WWE avatar, nevermind. White trash.

  5. jhopp1234 says:

    Hey pal, why would I have paid for a ticket to go to a Pens game when I know they are going to lose when I could watch it on TV for free. Pens fans are great fans, I dont know what hockey games you go to but its not a Penguin game if you say they dont care about hockey. Nobody watched the Cavaliers until Lebron came. Now they sell out every game. Same with Ovechkin and Washington. Same with Atlanta and Michael Vick. And the Sabres never sell out their games. Get the fuck out of here.

  6. airforce1319 says:

    2 words to you. You Suck.

  7. pittpens10562 says:

    fuck yourself!!

  8. mgs4853 says:

    well thats the most bullshit thing ive ever read, listen, penguins fans arent bandwagons fans and if you think they are then you obviously dont know shit about pittsburgh and hockey, go back to buffalo and cheer for your shitty sabres you faggot.

  9. worldatwar00 says:

    fuck the faguins

  10. worldatwar00 says:

    Fuck the faguins

  11. avebabe says:

    Posted: Jun 5th, 2008 at 10:00 pm
    Ok Im from Buffalo but live in Pittsburgh, and Pens fans r the most bandwagon, and the worst fans in the nhl. I go to games sometimes, and they suck. Nobody cares about hockey here. Now people r starting to just bcuz they were good. I love how mellon arena was like empty up until last yr. The worste part is.,.. Im not a wings fan but stop bashing their fans and attendance records, cuz theyre a lot better than pittsburghs fans.

  12. intb28 says:


  13. 17Spacy17 says:

    i like how they r all like fucking right!!

  14. SteveDangle says:


  15. willbusch says:

    i thought it was funny wen they got the guys swearing but they had a rite to the excitement of winning the cup.

  16. SuperSmexxi says:

    i love that they boo bettman

  17. GoPensGo377 says:

    Go Pens Go!

    Cup CHamps!

  18. dillybarfire says:

    Sykora.. i fucking love that haha ” fucking rights”

  19. 3DFresh says:


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