Pittsburgh Penguins Parade 2009 HD

I shot this video at today's parade. Canon HG 20, 17mbps, 1920x1080 Programmed Aperture. Exported as Quicktime Movie - h.264 codec. Created on Mac Pro (2x2.8 eight-core) Final Cut Pro 6.0.5. OSX 10.5.7

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins Parade 2009 HD”

  1. IbanezLover10 says:

    lol man good times too bad i was all the way in the front playin bass clarinet in the Gateway marching band while getting shat on by horses =P go Pens!

  2. xitzJEANiNE says:

    i was here :) i was by ppg !

  3. mattrmc19 says:

    haha, loved the booing for mayor luke. someone should have thrown one of his $1,000 trash cans at him.

  4. sickllest says:

    that was a greart video(:
    GO PENS!!!!
    pittsburhg just aint quiet done, were just gettin started with bringin all this shit home to the burgh!

  5. StAnLeYcUpChAmPs2oo9 says:

    When Malkin was coming through he was trying to catch the confeti! haha

    Go Pens! <3 Pens+Stanley cup=CHAMPS

  6. chasebride says:

    yes that is malkin’s girlfriend. she was with him at the nhl awards too

  7. MrsAttitude52 says:

    I think that is Malking girlfriend.

  8. ref1ex says:

    Is that blonde on the truck with Malkin his girl?
    She looks like a cute Russian!


  9. herroitsuba says:

    great video…
    my friend and i tried to catch a redeye on sunday to make the parade.. but it didnt happen. we live in LA, so it’s a bit of a commute.

  10. mpags85 says:

    Way to go Pens! The video was great and I am really proud of these guys. Watched the season and playoffs from Bangkok where I live, and even got some Thais cheering the Pens as well! Let’s go Pens!

  11. mac100100 says:

    Great video! Congrats to the city of Pittsburgh!

  12. napajedlacek says:

    Crosby is happy he did not have to go to Anaheim …in the draft lottery :-)))

    who is that blonde girl with Malkin ,his niece?

  13. fanaticpenguin says:

    wow, great video what a job you did thanks..pens rock!!!!

  14. nameless01983 says:

    I was over on the Blvd across from 6 PPG Place

  15. abeasom says:

    I was on Grant Street, roughly around 7th avenue.

  16. HarveyTw2Face says:

    yeah i wuz there too, hated how many ppl there were closes i cud get was like 50 feet lol

  17. blackdenali7 says:

    what a sport…and what a team…luv you sid you had what it took to bring him home…love canada

  18. Flueryfan101 says:

    i was there and it was awsome and realy hot like letang

  19. mgoodwi1 says:

    I’m from the Caribbean but went to CCAC and have been a Pens fan ever since. I love everything Pittsburgh. That’s why I coming back for summer vacation this year. Thanks for posting. Btw, what block did you tape this from?

  20. titansdangler71 says:

    great video!!!!!! crosby and malkin inspire me so much to play hockey

  21. Smitty77NY says:

    Amazing, thanks for the upload, that was fun to see!

  22. schenkerV says:

    Thanks for posting! Closest footage I’ve seen thusfar. Wow, what a turnout!

  23. JRSueEllen says:

    Damn, it’s soo impressive too..And I can’t believe how close you were to Mario. That’s like my dream come true right there!!

  24. clhoyt1003 says:

    Friggin SWEET! I can’t believe they actually did it!

  25. StormeeNormBeaver says:

    that was fun. great to see all the players in daylight… looked like a fun party… way2go Pittsburgh!!!!!!

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