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Pittsburgh Penguins Opening Night 2009 Pt 1

Pittsburgh Penguins Opening Night Banner Ceremony 10/02/2009 Last Home Opener At The Civic/Mellon Arena VIDEO PROPERTY OF FSN PITTSBURGH GO PENS!!

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins Opening Night 2009 Pt 1”

  1. crosbylover71 says:

    @IProphetI yeah i thought that too….8D

  2. TheJupa31 says:

    What are the songs at 1:08 and 1:42

  3. beefcakes42 says:

    @flyingbridgeman2 oh ok…well if ur not being sarcastic, then thankyou…

  4. flyingbridgeman2 says:

    @beefcakes42 um actually we were on that subject, haha but heres where i change it up completely…. love that performance on your channel haha

  5. beefcakes42 says:

    @flyingbridgeman2 lol..oh wow way to completely change the subject cause u know im right..and i never knew that commenting on alot of youtube videos means u have know life, i mean i really dont see the logic there…

  6. flyingbridgeman2 says:

    @beefcakes42 and its kinda funny that because you have no life you have to sit on youtube and rag on other teams

  7. beefcakes42 says:

    @flyingbridgeman2 yea keep whining u bitch..u say the blackhawks are a faggot team yet theyr better than the pens, oh and whats that? knocked out second round by an 8th seated team?dude if ur gunna try to argue with me that the pens are stll somehow better then just go ahead, cause i dont recall saying “yea if they woulda won” or “yea if we woulda scored in ot” ,making a difference on what happend aside from making u look like a dumbass..kinda funny kanes more manley than crosby. fuckin faggot

  8. flyingbridgeman2 says:

    @beefcakes42 and if the pens hadnt been knocked out they woulda kicked some flyers ass and won the cup back to back against your faggot team, come on dude, toews and kane have gooootta be buttbuddys

  9. SteelerMan5 says:

    To all Flyers fans that are happy that we got beat, there is a reason that you are happy. That reason is that you would get destroyed by us. 5-1 nuff said

  10. beefcakes42 says:

    @steelcity51 lol thts pretty funny being that i am a blackhawks thankyou for supporting them..i just find it ironic how u pens fans talk shit about the flyers when ur faggot team got knocked out second round….oh well, at least crosby can whine about golf while the hawks are still playing hockey..

  11. steelcity51 says:

    @beefcakes42 too bad your philthyadelphia team will get swept by chigago

  12. crosbylover71 says:

    i watch it everyday!!!

  13. beefcakes42 says:

    lol, thats pretty funny how they showed talbot shooshing the croud, even though he just got his ass beat…they forgot to put all the videos of crosby diving and complaining to the refs to tell the fans to stop throwing hats on the ice after ovie got a hatrick…that made my day when the pens got knocked out by the habs.

  14. IProphetI says:

    I dont watch hockey that much really, but Im a Caps fan. After watching the series against Montreal, Im upset we lost, but I’m starting to like hockey a lot more. I respect the Penguins greatly. I think they’ll destroy Montreal.. They’ll do everything the Caps should have done to them.

  15. NK029 says:

    Is that Dennis Miller doing the commentary?

  16. Clintbdee says:

    On the day they won the cup, friends of mine (HUGE, die-hard Pens fans–fans like how most of us from Pittsburgh follow the Steelers) buried their mother/grandmother..When the Pens made that final defensive stop I couldn’t help but think that maybe raising that Cup also raised their spirits that night.

  17. daburgh1111 says:

    it was fun watching the pens fight to make the playoffs , it showed what they could do if they worked together as a team and look what happened? stanley cup champs, amazing!

  18. Snickers1187 says:

    What is the song at 4:45-4:55

  19. GoPensGo377 says:

    Goosebumps throughout the whole video, especially when Max fights carcillo and Sooshes the crowd.

  20. Jiltedin2007 says:

    This never get old, right Penguin Fans?

  21. canadianXsoldier1 says:

    @CMarauder17 and its just awesome nice tribute

  22. CMarauder17 says:

    pens are the best! i made a video/tribute for the penguins to get pumped up for the playoffs. check it out! I hope you like it!!

  23. moneymaker1127 says:

    do you guys want to know why crosbys better than ove…………………………. just watch this video it explains everything. THE CUP!!!

  24. pittpartygirl11 says:

    Any Pittsburgh penguins fans? Follow me on Twitter. My screenname is laurenloves87. I’m a huge pens fan, and very funny!!!

  25. ElphabaThropp89 says:

    Everytime I watch this I get goosbumps…Oh man. <3

    @crosbylover71: I agree with you. No matter how badly they’re doing, I will always be cheering for the Pens. No. Matter. What.

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