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Pittsburgh Penguins; one more round

I made this video for the 3rd round the Pens are about to enter with the Carolina Hurricanes! I am really excited and hoping the Pens make it back to the finals for the second year in a row and hopefully this year they will win it all!! Let's go Pens! Note: PensHockey1967 does not own any of these clips.

8 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins; one more round”

  1. aneurysm1967 says:

    So fast and skilled they lost to the worst team in the East? THis is what happens when you dont have the reffs in your back pocket anymore Pens fans…your year was last year…now the league wants Chicago to win.

  2. flyingbridgeman2 says:

    @aneurysm1967 dude……you’re an idiot. the best part of the penguins team is the peanlty kill not the powerplay, you should study up on your hockey little guy

  3. rockare4 says:

    crosby <3

  4. alex24jn says:

    wow, you put some thought into that one.

  5. TaylorX33 says:

    Lets go pens!!
    check out my penguins video.?

  6. BoostedITR41 says:

    last time I checked the pens power play sucks so I dont get why power plays would make a difference

  7. micah090 says:

    If the other teams weren’t so slow and unskilled they wouldn’t need to take so many penalties against this high-powered Penguins team.

  8. aneurysm1967 says:

    fuck the pens…they are a loser team with a little cry baby BITCH for a captain

    if it wasnt for powerplays this pathetic team wouldnt stand a chance…whenever a ref sees the Pens might lose they get powerplays…because Crosby sucks gayr betmans cock and fucks him in the ass so they like the team.

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