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Pittsburgh Penguins / Mellon Arena Tribute by — HBO’s “The Pacific”

See The HD Version @ A Pittsburgh Penguins & Mellon Arena tribute by Chris Benson based on the intro to the HBO mini-series "The Pacific".

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins / Mellon Arena Tribute by — HBO’s “The Pacific””

  1. xXxsIckICkxXx says:

    yet another amazing video man. great job!

  2. Ridoli says:

    One of my favorite videos on Youtube.

  3. JCS72 says:

    That was hard to watch….

  4. pitpenguinsrulez says:

    Consol energy center I’d great but I’ll always prefer to watch the pens play at Mellon arena

  5. haileyb8711 says:

    omg best video EVER!! so emotional!! im crying watching it!!

  6. jkozar1 says:

    Part of me will die with that building, I rember seeing Mario Lemieux when I was five years old and litterally wanting to take every step he took, though that was 2001 I’m still persuing that dream, all because of a moment at the civic arena

  7. segagenesisfan1985 says:

    TEARS OF JOY !!!!!!!!

  8. pitpenguinsrulez says:

    I’ll truely miss the igloo

  9. dsulli8 says:

    this is by far THE best igloo video ever on utube

    im crying and ive had chills since it started :'(

  10. dsulli8 says:

    @KoltenMerrill a smile?! how about chills and tears :'(

  11. KoltenMerrill says:

    all of this guys tribute videos put a smile on my face!! may all the Pittsburgh teams live long! and may we reign as the city of champions for the rest of eternity!!! Good job bro!

  12. archuletabieberfanx3 says:

    This made me’s sad that I never got to experience watching a Pens game at the Mellon Arena. But I love this’s amazing.

  13. Nate8724 says:

    this is just unreal. you once again set your videos apart. my arm almost falls off from goose bumps everytime at the end when lang say elvis has just left the building

  14. fatkicker11 says:

    seeing as how this was my first sunday without the pacific this adequately filled the void in my life

  15. PeytonPhelps13 says:

    Jesus. Put me to tears. =*)
    Great video.

  16. pittsburghism says:

    Wow…..ummmm….I’m sad but at the same time happy I got to experience the igloo. The Consol energy Center will never replace the igloo(not even if it has a movie filmed in it involving terrorists.)

  17. ninjagal1234 says:

    I got major chills while watching this, great job! LET’S GO PENS!!

  18. XcrosbyxXxfearlessX says:

    I loved it! It made me cry, thinking Mellon might be torn down :(

  19. PensHockey1967 says:

    this is amazing! i love it! i got the chills watching this! :)

  20. Yiannis666 says:


  21. pensrox872971 says:

    absolutely amazing!!

  22. jbrotie314 says:

    another excellent video mr. benson

  23. sidneycrosbylvr152 says:

    im totally speechless!!
    this made me want to cry sooooo amazing!!!!!!

  24. syko77 says:

    we’ll get em next year guys!

  25. pittpensgirls says:

    Agh you guys!!!! make me cry everytime!!!!!

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