Pittsburgh Penguins Laser Projection – Lightwave International

NHL Team Pittsburgh Penguins uses the most powerful full color entertainment lasers in the WORLD (85W total!) to cover the dome of the Mellon Arena in downtown Pittsburgh during the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoff Games. Lightwave International Laser Light Shows www.lasershows.net

3 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins Laser Projection – Lightwave International”

  1. LightwaveInt says:

    Watch for our lasers tonight – projecting on the US Steel building instead of the Arena!

  2. LightwaveInt says:

    It’s been up during every home game throughout the playoffs, until shortly after the game ends. It should continue as long as they keep playing…

  3. lizard9279174660 says:

    how long is it up? or was it up?

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