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Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Tribute

*Original Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Tribute* Thank you Pens for an amazing season! [ALL COPYRIGHTS ARE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS ©]

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Tribute”

  1. flyingbridgeman2 says:

    @alecbattaglia pierre mcguire+zetterburg+richards= triangle of gay lovers

  2. totalpenguinsfan12 says:

    The perfect ending wid hav been crosby wit the cup

  3. MrSn6000 says:

    well if u think so but i say that penguins will do great in the future, ur team as iginla as your star whilst we have quite a few young talents. flames good team though

  4. misskittlez123 says:

    Penguins do rule!! Flames are the best tho!

  5. MrSn6000 says:

    the penguins rule, i think that are young squad will do well in the future. sidney crosby i hope spends his whole hockey life with the pens

  6. AnakinSkywalker9971 says:

    thx. They won it this year!

  7. CWAttack87 says:

    good call

  8. alecbattaglia says:

    yeah just like pierre mcguire hits richards in the ass with his whip. and ive never seen a penguin player dive so uh fuck you.

  9. tonydfgrte says:

    tino is a jerk

  10. sarahwacasey7 says:

    my Friend is all for Red Wings i like the Ducks Red Wings are the best NHL Team they won 12 cups but lets find out, may the best team win this year

  11. AnakinSkywalker9971 says:

    they are going to win this years cup.

  12. PerogieBoy714 says:

    dude this the best pens video i have ever seen, u need to make one for this year. i can’t say it enough great video 5 stats

  13. terribletowelie says:


  14. DonkeyBonrProduction says:

    hahahhahah LOSER

  15. katelynxoxo412 says:

    lol so true

  16. UseTheMask says:

    Really? Because only Philly could have a 3-0 stranglehold on a game and find a way to blow the game and the series.

  17. mynameisbob3 says:

    really because richards hits ur pussy asses every game all u guys do is dive

  18. Pensfan19 says:

    101 comments GO PENS!!!

  19. alecbattaglia says:

    your fucking stupid as hell. just fucking stop. fleury is ten times better than biron u shit head. all that im seeing this seires is after everytime richards or briere gets hit they go crying to the refs. whose the pussys now? yeah? yeah.

  20. zereoue says:

    Awesome joke. Just like the city of Philadelphia.

    Which reminds me, how about them Flyers?

  21. ottvalley says:

    I’m a Habs fan but I could never figure out why you Pen fans never talk about Pierre Larouche.He scored 53 goals for you guys in 1976

  22. wittyreparte says:

    HAHA okay so the Penguins suck, huh? We can’t win? Just so you know, our record on the season is 45-28-9. The Flyers are at 44-27-11. Penguins are in fourth place and Flyers are in fifth. The Penguins and Flyers played eachother six times this season…the Penguins won four of those games. So yeah the Flyers might have 6 25+ goal scorers…but that still didn’t help them to beat us, now did it?

  23. midnighstar says:

    Not always. I’m both a Richards and a Crosby fan lol and I can vouche that I’ve seen at least one fight where he didn’t even take it off (the Alexander one) and when he fought Avery he was a little reluctant to take it off as well.
    I love both Mike and Sidney either way so…yeah lol, whatever.

  24. bookittty182 says:

    goat6668 is my hero. Yeah pens!!

  25. samden99 says:

    i have a myspace billy burgoon be my friend if you like hockey

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