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Pittsburgh Penguins Highlights

Highlights from the Penguins' 03-04 Season

19 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins Highlights”

  1. PENS68 says:

    Aleksey Morozov the most underrated Penguin ever

  2. 360pens87 says:

    i was only at 1 game that year. i remember we lost 5-3 to the flyers. and i remember i had great seats that day.

  3. BumpyChuckles says:

    anyone know the name of the song.

  4. CUMISKEY48KANE88 says:

    AMAZING! great song for this.

  5. LovinGattuso8 says:

    Such a good video.
    I was searching for a good highlishgts video and this was def. one of the BEST!!

  6. mallierose says:

    wow good job

  7. megoward says:

    Im in ottawa and my best team is the pittsburgh penguins there at /32 points/ 29 games/and most of all there in the divition :)

  8. CalebFsjohn says:

    I agree its great!

  9. orolhawion says:

    great video! i love my pens! :)

  10. jgreasy1213 says:

    wow… even though only like 5 of them are still on the team, this is still great stuff! way to beat the Isles tonight!!!!

  11. LaraAnn06 says:

    I cried when I first watched this. haha. Im such a dork. I love my Pens through good times and bad<33

  12. GeppylaRou says:

    I’ve been a Pens fans for as long as I can remember. I miss Morozov so much, he has been tearing up the RSL the past few years. He added an extra gear since the lockout and he’s amazing. That one goal he has in the middle of the video where he gloves it down and goes in between two defenders is amazing. Also, the one where he scored that OT winner against Carolina and he grabs the Penguin on his jersey and shows it to the crowd. THAT is touching.

  13. bocaboy says:

    born as a pens fan die as a pens fan 66,68,11,35,31,10,27,95 my players i use to watch great video miami reps the pens for life

  14. ZatchPatch says:

    i wish they would have made a good video for this year but no

  15. Conine says:

    dude that was awesome!!! absolutley loved it!

  16. 09wade09 says:

    Pittsburgh Penguins is best

  17. JoshBooher says:

    I agree With the comment at the bottom it does give me the chills i do love my pittsburgh pens good times and bad

  18. kaspar11067 says:

    this gives me chills. i love the pens

  19. Unforg1ven says:

    gotta love it

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