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Pittsburgh Penguins Game 4

I do almost kinda sorta daily videos over on viddler and decided to post one here from the Pen's game tonight. Fun times! xoxo

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins Game 4”

  1. BrittanyyyOlivia says:

    Sorry justine, but im a hardcore wings fan and i dislike this video. But i like you enough to not thumb it down!

  2. zdevil17 says:

    Yeah GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care that they lost they’re awesome and so are your videos iJustine keep them coming!

  3. Dominic974280 says:

    Let’s so go wings!!!

  4. Dominic974280 says:

    Sry ijustine but the red wings are way better then the pens! Btw, We won the cup the year! Oh yeah, LET’S GO RED WINGS!

  5. GuitarGirl1215 says:

    haha RED WINGS FTW ^_^

  6. ritax3bbyy says:

    awwwww:{ im a detriot fan:{ i feel like ijustine hates me:{

  7. ritax3bbyy says:

    awwwww:{ im a detriot fan:{

  8. NCPensFan says:

    @moser8 this was the stanley cup finals when they had the jumbotron outside. people came out to watch it outside.

  9. JustSoCheeki says:


  10. poiuytre433 says:

    GO PENS!!!! but rofl the guys were sad cuz u were old and ur sisters were taken…

  11. hotmail731 says:

    go pens go i love the pens =}

  12. marcyaco0987 says:

    osm i live neer pits burg y didnt you cum c me ahh :{

  13. 2stargazer0 says:

    GO PENS!!!!

  14. xaoixaoix says:

    you look nothing like your sisters

  15. moser8 says:

    wait was this like a watch party or something?

  16. Legomygrego19 says:

    I second that!

  17. SuperThinkPositive says:


  18. FcK2420 says:

    lol funny how shes so HOT and her sisters look like walking zombies.

  19. 2spoony says:

    m&j need more cam time

  20. moser8 says:

    its all about the ducks this year!

  21. cheerycherry6 says:

    oh yeah home of the champs baby! (im from here too) :)

  22. Giggles612 says:

    GO PENS!

  23. Giggles612 says:

    Pittsburgh’s more like Hockey Heaven [-:

  24. cbensette says:

    hehehe, im a detroit fan:P but im from windsor ontario, soo im like right next to detroit:P -.- i think toronto maple leaf team ….sucks -.- pens are kinda good, they both made it the the last game :D

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