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Pittsburgh Penguins fights October 2007 – February 25, 2008

[From FSN and Versus © 2008. ALL COPYRIGHTS ARE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.] Not in order. Included are fights featuring: Georges Laraque Jarkko Ruutu Gary Roberts Ryan Malone Max Talbot Ryan Stone Tyler Kennedy Sidney Crosby Colby Armstrong Ryan Whitney

17 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins fights October 2007 – February 25, 2008”

  1. wolfgir599 says:

    oh favorite sport in the world only if i met sidney crosby my life would be awesomly perfect

  2. russianrocket2 says:

    lol first time ive seen players like whitney and carter fight

  3. ajsmith55 says:

    I suppose you think golf is a sport?

  4. jmandrad says:

    is this sport??

  5. ry4nx says:

    show some of the ones where pitsburg gets rapped

  6. DillonSvoboda08 says:

    sub 4 sub?

  7. JFly91 says:

    Andrew Ference i think

  8. applejuiced says:

    robets dodges are wild.

  9. imjfktoo says:

    Laraque is the greatest to watch fight, also a fan of Ruutuu. Go Pens!!! The fight last night with Whitney in it was a great one too.

  10. burlingdon says:

    55 and i dont know

  11. ColtonORRules says:

    who was crosby fighting with?

  12. PittsburghPenguins99 says:

    Malone is awesome

  13. RIJ919 says:


  14. hockeykid333 says:

    malone is a beast….haha mark bell ran from him …what punk..

  15. DeathAffliction says:

    Ryan Malone is awesome

  16. gsmurph29 says:

    HAHA welcome to georges world!!

  17. AiredaleTerrier says:


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