Pittsburgh Penguins Fight 2008 Season


14 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins Fight 2008 Season”

  1. TehPwnisher1 says:

    whats the song name

  2. pandt100 says:

    the pens r the best awesum vid

  3. AbyssalDoku says:

    penguins are the best :D -from PA-

  4. nfms12 says:

    Atta baby Gronk

  5. luigi5frenzy says:

    malkin always gets into fights. malkin is my favorite player.

  6. mab9239 says:

    dubinsky had is tail between his legs after that

  7. HockeyLover112 says:

    OH YEA

    go STAAL sweat fight


  8. pens87fan71 says:

    GO SUCK A LEMON!!!!!

  9. iSupportMiley4ever says:

    Boy, they can punch hard!

    3:16…wow. Hate to be the person taking that hit.

  10. thedrummerboy17 says:

    yea it was holy shit i would hate to get hit with that punch

  11. mykeyfun18 says:

    hell yah

  12. HarvesterOfSorrow92 says:

    3:16. what a great shot!

  13. weaponman7 says:

    I like Crosby and all but hes not the best player in the world.

  14. mykeyfun18 says:

    Hell Yea!!

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