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Pittsburgh Penguins: Dynasty

It has just begun...the March of the Penguins is far from over. Let the dynasty begin.

18 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins: Dynasty”

  1. ddddddd543 says:

    dynasties aren’t built one being awful for 10 years and then finally getting a couple number 1 and 2 overall picks.

  2. PensFan818 says:

    shut up.

  3. 8711pens29fan2571 says:

    first of all no one ever said we were a dynasty yet, if you watch the video or look at the summary it says begining which means we’re hoping for one
    and second of all you’re in no posititon to say anything since you haven’t won a cup since ’75 and haven’t been in the finals since ’97 when you got swept by the red wings
    and lastly two words: Max Talbot

  4. theSteeler says:


  5. phillyfanmatt says:

    Holy shit. Just when I thought you couldnt get any worse. You are not a dynasty. ONE YEAR does NOT make a DYNASTY. Jesus Christ you are retards

  6. Slegnirp says:

    Let’s hope this is the next NHL dynasty.

  7. Wingsfan15 says:

    oh boi, little premature with the whole dynasty thing, the 2010 season hasn’t even started yet but respect on the video kid.

  8. DeSanzo2 says:

    This video gave me goosebumps…LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!

  9. snthurst says:

    Awesome video!!!!

  10. brianjen731 says:

    Awesome!! The best I have ever seen…
    Let’s go Pens!!! I can’t wait for this season , how great it will be to watch them raise banners!!!! Let’s do again!!
    God, I love hockey!

  11. pidizzel says:

    Def. would like to know what song this is.

  12. pittrehab says:

    Really nice job on this video! I can’t wait until the puck drops this year. Let’s go pens

  13. Debs03 says:

    Nice! I’m stoked!

  14. sweetmelissa9978 says:

    10/2 needs to get here !!! Great video, got me pumped!!!

  15. bduffy777 says:

    Insane!!! Love it. Can’t wait til’ 10/2. Gonchar!!!!

    What song is this? It’s perfect.

    GO PENS!!!

  16. frankbaseball27 says:

    best video without video i have ever seen, nice job dude

  17. GoPensGo377 says:


  18. ivand87a says:

    2:35 – Flyer girl! She may be hot, but she’s still a filthy Flyers fan. :D

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