Pittsburgh Penguins Drink From The Cup 6-12-2009 (Raw Video)

Sidney Crosby, Dan Bylsma & Bill Guerin drink from the Stanley Cup

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  1. MyAOShow1 says:

    Some of that actually kind of bugs me. I mean the media parts. Let them celebrate! You know it’s amazing so why ask the question???? Oh well :/ go pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. superstuntbum says:

    Why is Bylsma wearing two hats? I couldn’t imagine the hangover after bustin ass in that game and then drinking on top of it. I’m sure I could justify that misery though.

  3. GhostWalker40 says:

    @NHLbabe87 From my tv

  4. NHLbabe87 says:

    @GhostWalker40 I meant like the clips to make the videos…sorry I should have been more specific.

  5. GhostWalker40 says:

    @NHLbabe87 Most of my videos were made by me ;)

  6. NHLbabe87 says:

    Where do you get all your videos?! I always have the hardest time finding hockey videos and yours are always the greatest!! :)

  7. HabsPens2931 says:

    @oligirl101 No way ,Habs all the way, but hey the Pens are my second fav team :)

  8. TylerxGoPens says:


  9. oligirl101 says:

    This TOTALLY should have happened again this year! Ohhh well, NEXT YEAR HAHA, from Consol Energy Arena :)

  10. jonasmileyfan7 says:

    can you just imagine how drunkkk would’ve gotten hahaha

  11. LOKISlog7 says:


  12. penshockeyluv3r says:

    “WILLIAM WILLIAM!” hahha that was funny!

  13. redhockey says:

    shit, it makes me kind of dizzy just to think about how drunk i would get after winning the cup

  14. Starburts96 says:

    Omg you can hear in the background some kid at :55 scream enough wine! lmao!

  15. volleyygrl38 says:

    i love bill guerin
    “let me take my dentures out”

  16. blindcynic says:

    it was Draper’s daughter…

  17. sidthekidisnumber1 says:

    that was hilarious, william, william

  18. Patrick3465 says:

    It was clean the moment the Pens won it.

  19. xradio86 says:

    I hope they clean the cup because I heard that Franzen put his baby girl last year in the cup and poo in it accidently…

  20. burgy76 says:

    By the way, Cabbie Richards was in the locker room and he posted on his twitter that one of the players toasted Hossa before drinking from the Cup.

    I bet it was Talbot. :)

  21. burgy76 says:

    I can’t think of a better way in the world to get sloshed :)

  22. JonnyRBee says:

    lol… Dupuis said “Woo Wee!” lol

  23. Forzaabruzzo says:

    “T’es soif?! T’es soif?!” lol. Sid throwing out some French there for Dupuis.

  24. ant4life33 says:

    sid the kid crosby is now of legal age to drink from the stanley cup
    lol lol
    pens rock all the way champions

  25. ant4life33 says:

    pens brought that stanley cup in the
    red wings locker room and drank from it in front of the losers locker room.
    go pens stanley cup champions 08-09

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