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Pittsburgh Penguins @ Detroit Red Wings (Pre-Season) Highlights – 10/3/2010

Goals by Comrie (2), Kunitz, Tangradi, and Malkin

14 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins @ Detroit Red Wings (Pre-Season) Highlights – 10/3/2010”

  1. 20003606 says:

    @avaguiar he still has twice the stanley cups as malkin. Most teams would take datsyuk over malkin datsyuk would score more points if he were on a team but he doesnt get nearly as much ice time as crosby, ovechkin, malkin or any of the other star forwards.

  2. avaguiar says:

    Once again, I really like Datsyuk’s game so no need for discussing any further. Malkin when it’s all said and done will be considered a superior player

  3. avaguiar says:

    “The Frank J. Selke Trophy is awarded annually to the National Hockey League forward who demonstrates the most skill in the defensive component of the game”…I’m pretty sure it’s not awarded to the best player overall in the league..if you’d like to talk about trophies perhaps I should mention a few Malkin already have: Calder Memorial Trophy as the league’s best rookie, Art Ross Trophy, awarded annually to the top-scorer in the NHL and a Conn Smythe Trophy in playoff scoring.

  4. 20003606 says:

    @avaguiar when malkin wins a selke you can call him the best all around player datsyuks was ranked by espn to be the fourth best player in the leauge under crosby ovechkin and miller. datsyuk has the selke on lock down for the next 2-3 years.

  5. avaguiar says:

    At 24 years of age Malkin is ready to take over Datsyuk’s (32) spot. Make no mistake I really like Datsyuk’s game and think he’s the best center (other than Crosby) to have played with Malkin (Russia Olympics)

  6. 20003606 says:

    @avaguiar best all round player is datsyuk hes consistanly a top scorer has had the selke the past 3 years lead the league in takeaways all but one year in the past five. this season was a slump for him but that was do to the fact that wings had 11 regulars out of the line up.

  7. lucysnow1851 says:

    WOAH Malkin was on the ice during every single goal. Malkin, Comrie, Letestu and Kunitz have absolutely killed during this preseason, I’m really excited for the Pens this year! Malkin is AMAZING!

  8. Izigaul says:

    lol Chris Osgood. u mad?

  9. avaguiar says:

    Malkin can do it all: score, pass, defend. MVP and best player all around in the world.

  10. TheeUrbanGentleman says:

    I love the smell of a 2010-2011 Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh.

  11. TheBeastnigga123 says:


  12. LOKISlog7 says:

    Great Updates as usual Steelcity…..
    LETS GO PENS!!!!!

  13. lilq824 says:

    Now that this is over…Let the (Regular Season) Games begin!! :D

  14. Cverz87 says:

    Comrie is tearing shit up.

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