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Pittsburgh Penguins Celebration of Stanley Cup Win, part 1

the celebrations of the pittsburgh penguins over the detroit red wings in game 7 of the 2009 stanley cup finals. Includes presentation of the Conn Smythe trophy to Evgeni Malkin. Disclaimer: this content belongs to NBC and the NHL.

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins Celebration of Stanley Cup Win, part 1”

  1. lizzard1591 says:

    all the people who booed should have just left if they didn’t like it!

  2. Sinco1967 says:

    @WilfordBrimley2010 Crosby > Yzerman.

  3. shugknight412 says:

    @sageSPH he also is VERY SOLID on his backcheck and play in the defensive zone he could easily be the selkie award winner if he was recognized as a defensive player and not an offensive player…go suck mike babcocks cock sage and learn some class like us pittsburghers (6:54 the boo birds begin)

  4. shugknight412 says:

    @sageSPH hes not a team leader? thats why he works on every aspect of his game to help his TEAM out he was losing faceoffs when he came into the league that hurts the team so what does he do? becomes one of the best in the nhl. we needed a goal scorer last year what did he do? only lead the league in goals with stamkos. you must be a red wings fan because you have no respect or class example when the wings won in here in pittsburgh we cheered when they received the cup…red wings fans booed us

  5. 27wJoe says:

    the anaheim ducks should have went to the stanley cup finals that year but the got fucked big time in game 7 of the semifinals by detroit by pushing jonas’s hillers pad to make the puck go in

  6. WilfordBrimley2010 says:

    crosby should take notes from yzerman and show class in leading a team

  7. benten613 says:

    notice tht at 8:55 , both the vid and live tv neither bleeped out sykora sayin” thats Fuvking Right!!!”

  8. T82486 says:

    The look on Hossa’s face says it all!!!!1

  9. 1more4carhur says:

    @sageSPH and when they lost to montreal, he was last in line for the players. some class right? spot on with his bull shit captaincy.

  10. o0Brok3nPromises0o says:

    @sageSPH dont be jealous okaay? (:

  11. acarbon100 says:

    i`m a fan of the canadien de montreal fan and we kick of pittburgh on the 7th match!

  12. sageSPH says:

    i’m a habs fan but crosby didn’t shake lidstrom’s hand, and when mike babcock was congratulating him and complimenting him he looked at him for half a second and all he said was a meaningless “thanks”. this guy isn’t a leader. making him captain was just a publicity stunt.

  13. brady2010irish says:

    Hossa’s a douche

  14. SaintBEEP says:

    all the detroit fans, no offence, are all like “what are we going to do now?”

  15. xDynazty74 says:

    notice how like after crosby hands the cup off the majority of the camera flashes stop LMAO

  16. seaofwhoas says:

    that’ll show those red wings for screwing up the NHL’s master plan of having the pens win it in 2008! how dare you!

  17. ZeraZeta says:

    @geckoman1231 probably returning the favor to Pittsburgh for 2008

  18. LOKISlog7 says:

    Ya CHOSA
    da WRONG

  19. dracomalfoy218 says:

    What a game I watched. I will remember the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup in 7 games for the rest of my life. Go Pens!

  20. avsfan1977 says:

    …..they got the hell out of new jersey and found success on good hockey teams? :P :P

  21. avsfan1977 says:

    fuck yea :P

  22. theawsomestdude says:

    5555th view!

  23. iSitckwitu says:

    lmfao malkin :P

  24. shumey7 says:

    Wow that is a trophy!

  25. THEkingjaymz says:

    lol That’s what you get for being a traitor, Hossa.

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