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Pittsburgh Penguins – 2009 Stanley Cup Champions – Skating With The Cup! (Part 1) 6-12-2009

Pittsburgh Penguins Skate With The Cup plus Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury, & Mario Lemieux interviews!

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins – 2009 Stanley Cup Champions – Skating With The Cup! (Part 1) 6-12-2009”

  1. hockeyhubbub says:

    Seeing Mario Lemieux hoist the Stanley Cup again is just a fantastic sight!

  2. SuperTugz says:

    I think everyone needs to be aware, they weren’t booing the Pens. They were booing Commissioner Buttman.

  3. itchyhole says:

    I am aware of that, You may have taken what i said out of context i only found it amusing he said it while the announcer was giving a speech about how its every kids dream to have the puck on his stick. I could care less what crosby says im one of his biggest fans so u need to chill bud

  4. magikcarpetride says:

    crosby wasnt the only one to drop the f bomb…..i think most of them did

  5. LOKISlog7 says:

    TY Mr det SCALPER

  6. cbone72 says:


  7. PITTSBURGHESE86 says:

    “Yeaaaaaaaaahhh fuckin right” XD and they were waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late cutting the audio out.

  8. PITTSBURGHESE86 says:

    Actually the Detroit fans were very classy. They applauded Malkin when he won the Conn Smythe, applauded the cup, and were only booing Bettman.

  9. itchyhole says:

    I still find the part hilarious where the commentator is like “its a part of every kids dreams as crosby mentioned that when he was 5 or 6 he would dream of having the puck on his stick in game 7 of the stanley cup final” a nice heartfelt speech for all the kids with theyre families at home and crosby yells out “FUCKIN RIGHTS!!” hahaha

  10. tunetwin1 says:

    Great game, great team, love it, GO PENS!!!!

  11. pittjug says:

    Still cannot believe it it…incredible GO PENS!

  12. BlackFlag77 says:

    “i told the guys were goin back to pittsburgh, we’re gonna win game 6, and win da cup on friday”

  13. cbone72 says:


  14. cbone72 says:

    LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!

  15. theknifesong says:

    Oh Hell Ya! Sweet revenge for last year,Detroit your football team sucks and now you lost the Stanley cup to the City of Champions! PITTSBURGH RULES!

  16. nicky7zz says:

    pete said fucking yeah lol

  17. 29FleuryFan says:

    oops sorry i mean 2:45 haha sorry

  18. kev2252 says:

    NO they are booing bettman because the crowd respects pittsbugh penguins

  19. 1233trevor says:

    have any of you noticed that the crowd boos when ever the commisoner talks or does any thing. They are booing the Penguins

  20. BRADMAYFAN24 says:

    it must suck for Marian Hossa. NOT, Hossa may want to go back to the Pens they have a better shot to win again.

  21. BRADMAYFAN24 says:

    CONGRATULATION Petr Sykora, ” F***** ROCK ” CONGRATULATION to the former GOON Chris Kunitz, suck for Ryan Whitney, CONGRATULATION Dan Bylsma

  22. x7knights says:

    if there was booing i didn’t hear it, and it wouldn’t have been close to how noticibly loud the booing was when detroit lost, they only had hockey and we took that from them and they were pissed

  23. Crosby0847 says:

    F YOU sidewinder9877, you dont think that you booed us last year at pitt.

  24. rachelstcecilia says:


  25. TheRealBengui says:

    Bettman seems a little bit pissed, I don’t know why ! :)

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