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Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup Champions Part 1

The Pittsburgh Penguins defeating the Detroit Red Wings in Game 7, the final score being 2-1. A great end to a great series.

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup Champions Part 1”

  1. mikosalak says:


  2. yourmom1511 says:

    hah i didnt have a voice for like a week after this. this was one of the best moments i’ve ever witnessed. lets go pens!

  3. marty34156 says:

    not this damnit! not this way!

  4. MrSmithDynamite says:

    @marty34156 well sorry, i didn’t know that.. i’m european dammit

  5. marty34156 says:

    the second that clock hit zeros i stood up and yelled fuck you marian hossa!

  6. marty34156 says:

    well its called a playoff beard for a reason you big dumb bitch

  7. ArneFriedrichxD says:

    Pittsburgh Pengiuns <3

  8. MrSmithDynamite says:

    Almost everyone of them have beards :D

  9. 001MeTaBoLiC100 says:

    I know the playoffs are a totally different season and it’s still early in the season, but look at which teams are number on in their conferences. Pittsburgh and Detroit whaaaaat.

  10. iSavePucks3 says:

    Nice save by Fleury!

  11. dirtyghettokids5 says:

    i wanted the blackhawks and the red wings in the confrence or any playoff matchup so hossa could lose

  12. pghsara says:

    gives me chills!

  13. chrispite9 says:

    Penguins and Sharks are my favorite!

  14. mrcoolkids100 says:


  15. Eaglezfan5 says:

    @SteelCity1787 but the leagues best team put a stop to that in philly yesterday, pens r doing great but the flyers are doing better even with a 22yr old in net most games

  16. mat141000 says:

    Sidney crosby je nejlepšííííí

  17. 001MeTaBoLiC100 says:

    The Pittsburgh Penguins are the real deal. This just goes to show you that Crosby is not a one man team. Every single line is contributing with so much confidence and heart. Both the Penguins streak (12 games) and Crosby’s 17 game streak is unbelievable. Crosby and Gologoski are at +16 just behind Tanger who is at +18 what an amazing team to watch.

  18. SteelCity1787 says:

    @Ireland615 hahahahahahhahahahahahhaha they are doing great, thanks! 11 Straight bitch.

  19. SteelCity1787 says:

    this still gets my heart racing. amazing feeling.

  20. MarcyPhelps says:

    @WFR Na, don’t be sorry. We won with him ;)

  21. MarcyPhelps says:

    The only way this could’ve gone any better if Malkin, Crosby and Fleury punched Datsyuk, Zettenburg and Lidstorm in the FACE.

  22. chevyfan999 says:

    hmmm red wings 2011 stanley cup champs sounds good XD ….but another pengs and wings match would be cool becuse there both doing good this year.

  23. ricculus says:

    @RedWingsChamps2011 LOLZZZ!!!

  24. jcousins36 says:

    11 Red Wings fans know payback is a bitch

  25. frozeneagle20 says:

    FLEURY WINNING SAVES AT 3:46 3:47 AND 3:48 LAST SAVE WAS AMAZING! Thumbs up if you agree

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