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Pittsburgh Penguins: 2009 Stanley Cup Champions

Huge props to the Pens for taking home the Cup. It was a great, fun season, and I look forward to what's left to come with you guys. Steve Leafspace Profile:

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins: 2009 Stanley Cup Champions”

  1. 8rayan says:

    during this whole video the only thing i noticed was ur mario shirt sorry

  2. WEINBAUER says:

    Ask Cindy Crosby how Henrik Zetterburg is doing these days?lolHe owned his ass and still does.Maybe Crosby should learn to play a two way game just like Zetterburg.

  3. WEINBAUER says:

    Ask Cindy Crosby how Henrik Zetterburg is doing these days?lolHe owned his ass and still does.Maybe Crosby should learn to play a two way game just like Zetterburg.

  4. WEINBAUER says:

    Come on now.Everyone knows you won this series because the Wings guys weren’t 100% healthy.If they were 100% and the Pens won,I would give u the credit you deserve.But you’re not better than they are.The Red Wings are the Yankees of the NHL,period.That was a nice beat down they gave u this past year in the rematch.Howard gave that cry baby Crosby a beat down.Hossa was injured the whole series and he kept it quiet.Crosby is a poor sport!

  5. fiddlestick89 says:

    Their, I’ll give this one its 4,000th view!

  6. 856744 says:

    Jrsocci loves cock because in his world it is the cool way of of life.

  7. fastandfurioustokyo says:

    they weren’t 1 goal away they were 2 goals away. if its a tie they can’t win the cup. lol just messin with ya i know what you ment.

  8. fastandfurioustokyo says:

    ha and you were a mistake made by your momy now shut up and get used to its a win and you can’t do anything about it. lets go pens. oh wait we already got there and got the cup. and we are making it again this year. lets keep going pens.

  9. Gphazor says:

    i feel bad the wings lost the cup, but the pens earned it. the wings played terrible in game 7 and the pens capitalized. i hate to see crosby win it, although hes a great player, i really liked seeing malkin and fleury win it.

  10. Jrsocci says:

    856744 is just a troll, he hates the Penguins because it’s the cool thing to do.

  11. neeson16 says:

    You can make it to the Playoffs without deserving it (see the southeast division champs from about 2000 – the year before the lightning won), but you can’t win the cup without deserving it. It’s not like a draft lottery that is done at random, you play other teams, and if you win, you get to go on, otherwise you get to go home.

  12. nintendude65 says:

    i agree because malkin should have been suspended and datsyuk would have beenall over them if malkin wasnt there

  13. Slegnirp says:

    Look, if you played 24 games and won 16 against four really good team you deserve to win the cup.

  14. mike120189 says:

    weell why not….going to the finals last year..lost the cup…came back to the finals and won it…last time that happend was 40+ years..the do deserve it..i think…there a great team and will be for many years…….your prob a flyers fan or a wings fan

  15. PensFanE17 says:

    I’m sure they’ll give it back if you ask them nicely.

  16. bigmac7920 says:

    why not they worked hard and they did deserve it. you just cant accept defeat

  17. 856744 says:

    Pens didn’t deserve to win the cup. Period.

  18. jmag579 says:

    lol. funny and insightful. I totally agree on Hossa, what a douche nozzle. The wings can eat a bag o dicks. :)

  19. ricculus says:

    Ive heard a lot of people say Hossa was a goal away from being right and their all wrong…….one goal would have tied the game.

  20. skankinruby says:

    lol yeah San Jose fell apart in the post-season. Id be lying if I said I didnt love it though, Pens are my number 2 team, number 2 to the Ducks lol.

  21. SandmansNightmare says:

    Go Flyers

  22. MrManfly says:

    i love the fact the Wings lost the cup at home. makes my day :)

  23. MrManfly says:

    lol–they won’t, don’t worry :-)

  24. TeamCanadaluv says:

    cant want 4 the 09-10 season and Vancouver 2010

  25. Paralititan says:

    Did the outcome surprise me, yes, although as a pens fan I always believed they could do it. I picked San Jose (ouch) or Detroit in the West and Boston in the east. But, I am a very happy PENS fan.

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