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Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Playoffs Stanley Cup Celebrations

YES WE DID!!! CITY OF CHAMPIONS!!! I LOVE THIS TEAM!!! I LOVE THIS CITY!!! This season will be one that as Pens fans we will NEVER forget. Going through what this team did in January and February, and to end up here? It's just incredible. It's almost too good for a script, because it just doesn't happen. But it did this year, with this team. It is so sweet to see Hossa watch as the Pens celebrate, to see him shake the hands of his former teammates. He made a choice, and his choice got him this result, having to watch the Cup be hoisted by the opposite team two years in a row. I don't feel sorry for him at all. However, congrats to the rest of the Wings. It was one hell of a series. The Wings fans that stayed were respectful, like the Pens were last year. I thought there was a chance they would boo when Crosby got the Cup, but they did not. Thank you. To the Pens fans, no need to kick them while they are down, let's celebrate OUR team!! 2009 PITTSBURGH PENGUINS: STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Playoffs Stanley Cup Celebrations”

  1. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    @chaldochamp3 I believe that term originated from the titles won in the 1970s by the Steelers, Pirates, and Panthers. In ’79 the Steelers and Pirates both won championships. Much like in 2009 the Steelers and Penguins did, and so the term was used again.

  2. chaldochamp3 says:

    I ask a lot of Pittsburgh fans how they are the city of champions but nobody answers. Can some Pittsburgh fans please tell me.
    P.S. I don’t want any Pens haters coming to me, I want a real answer

  3. redwingsmike3718 says:


    Again congrats on the Stanley Cup victory.

    But seriously how are you defending Crosby on this? You can say he made a mistake and it shouldn’t have happened and I’m fine with that, I’d understand.

    But trying to turn it around and blame Nick for Sid not shaking his hand is ridiculous.

    Nick led the Wings in line and waited a couple minutes after. I could understand your argument of “impatience” if it wasn’t for the fact Sid’s own teammates started lining up.

  4. SuperHenderson13 says:

    @redwingsmike3718 ive said this once, ill say it again… who was the one that left the ice? who was the impatient one? why would crosby not want to shake his hand? crosby shook his hand as a loser, why wouldnt he as a winner? i understand that game 7 gave you nothing to bitch about so you decided to bitch about this… but seriously grow up…

  5. redwingsmike3718 says:

    I’m sure that Hossa thing was fun for you guys. And congrats on the Cup victory.

    But your captain is a little punk for not shaking Nick Lidstrom’s hand. Sid is a great talent but that was a total lack of respect for a legendary classy player.

    Sid says his favorite player growing up was Steve Yzerman. Stevie Y never would have snubbed the other team’s captain, even after finally winning the cup in 97 after 13 seasons of waiting, cue up the video and you’ll see Steve consoling Big E.

  6. SuperTugz says:

    I don’t care if you despise the Pens … you have to admit that it’s nice to see Mario hoist a third cup. I mean come on, even Philly fans gave Mario a standing ovation once. :) There might not be a more deserving soul in hockey.

  7. carnos6 says:

    Painful to watch this again (not sure why I am lol)

    Just shows that Hossa really is cursed :P

  8. soandsothree says:

    i had to work the day this happened and i was seeing images of this in my head: you know, seeing the Penguins win, seeing the Red Wings win and i was on the phone with a friend of mine and i was flipping back and forth between this and wrestling and i did have the radio on. the Steelers win the Super Bowl and the Penguins win the Stanley Cup in the same year. WOW.

  9. benten613 says:

    Sydney Crosby hockey stick…150 dollars, Flureys Goalie Gear(Replicas) 500 dollars, Hossas face when we won the cup the year he left…Pricless

  10. o0Brok3nPromises0o says:

    I loove the vids that you upload !
    and the descriptions you put are really inspiring :D

  11. tylerdurdonxx says:

    @gosteelers12345 Yeah dude. crosbys the man. pens kick ass. And i think its funny how much people hate crosby. Keep on hating boys, cause your gonna have a miserable next 20 years, because crosbys gonna keep on dominating. and u people can keep complaining. they just have nothing better to do than be jealous of crosby

  12. eliaslaing12 says:


  13. PittNick95 says:

    and the year before wouldve been the pens last year, without the construction of the Consol Energy Center. I would love to see the Pens and Blackhawks in the finals this year. to see hossa lose again, that will be AWESOME!!

  14. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    Indeed. He has been trolling on my videos for a long time and never seems to just go away. Quite sad really.

  15. gosteelers12345 says:

    Hey everyone, try to ignore that norjak71 fag. He goes on pens vids n tries to start with everyone. Bitch, go suck a dick. The red wings suck ass. Go cry in a corner when they lose in the first round.

  16. sidneycrosbyfan1000 says:

    @norjak71 wow yu are a pussy stupid loser its over pens kik red wings ask anytime quit being a fag
    if crosby is a cry baby
    why does he have a Stanley Cup and a gold medal tht yu don’t hv
    yur not even in the nhl
    yu can’t even skate and shoot
    grow up little faggot boy

  17. oligirl101 says:

    AWESOME!!!!!! Thats more like it compared to last year. Winning suits the Pens so much better :-) Congrats to Sid!!! Outstanding player, who deserved this bigtime!

  18. buccofan27 says:

    @norjak71….the only crying i see is from you. Stop fuckin bitching you fuckin bender…i bet you tape your own ankles…oh shit, you probably dont even know how to skate you faggot

  19. LOKISlog7 says:

    LOL @ norjack Still cant come to terms with:
    Looks like det need a little more cheese to go with that WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE; along with the handouts…….


  20. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    I believe it was Lidstrom’s choice to leave the line. He only had to wait 10 seconds longer to shake Crosby’s hand. That’s definitely not “waiting and waiting” to me.

  21. SuperAeroFly says:

    With this messege below.. Why they call Crosby the face ofthe NHL beats me. Why would u call someone the face of the league if all he does is whine about every call, and someone who doesnt shake hands at the end of a playoff game, what a little bitch move from a little bitch player

  22. SuperAeroFly says:

    not taking anything away from the Pens they played a hell of a game. The only thing that bothered the fuck out of me is when Crosby didnt shake hands with the Wings. Lidstrom stood there waiting for his little bitch ass but he nerver came. Crosby is the biggest classless, whinning little pussy ever. Shaking hands is a tradition and he didnt follow up Crosby you fucking suck. Lidstrom just played it off and said he was just caught up in the moment which we all know Lidstrom was just showing class

  23. K1mb3rly says:

    well apparently all that “bitching, crying, whining and cheap shots” that you claim he does, paid off…. cause who has the stanley cup??? hmmmmm……

  24. norjak71 says:

    the pens didnt deserve to win. crosby is a punk bitch pussy he doesnt even deserve to play hockey. crying , diving whining bitching cheap shots. jesus christ. grow the fuck up baby.

  25. K1mb3rly says:

    @norjak71 crying doesn’t win you the cup. hard work wins you the cup. don’t EVER say a team doesn’t deserve to win.

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