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Pittsburgh Penguins 2008 Stanley Cup Song!!

Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup 2008 Song! Harder Better Faster Stronger! go to b94dotcom to download this song!

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins 2008 Stanley Cup Song!!”

  1. GoPensGo26 says:

    k cool.

  2. GoPensGo26 says:

    dude their could be a video of a little kid with cancer and flyers and wings fans would be on it saying sid sucks….wen he clearly is better than ne player on the flyers or wings…..pens fans are very passive

  3. Losingstreakk says:

    @littlefreddy179 you’re telling this guy its wrong to go onto penguins videos and talk shit? your fuckin fans talk so much shit on flyers videos, pretty much opens the door for us to say shit on your videos too, you fuckin hypocrites

  4. Losingstreakk says:

    @GoPensGo26 did i ask about 09? no.

  5. GoPensGo26 says:

    not good but oh boy the 09 cup was great :)

  6. GoPensGo26 says:

    great, u put 2 words together want a cookie?

  7. littlefreddy179 says:

    @MrSouthphillyitalian if you hate pittsburgh then dont watch pittsburgh vids we hate you too by the way

  8. Tomkaulitzluver52799 says:

    @MrSouthphillyitalian Fuck You!!!

  9. fastandfurioustokyo says:

    @htmlforyou awww i love your lack of guile : )

  10. MrSouthphillyitalian says:

    Fuck Shittsburgh

  11. htmlforyou says:

    @fastandfurioustokyo Yes I did so what biatch

  12. Losingstreakk says:

    hahaha this is pathetic. how did that stanley cup in 08 treat ya?

  13. SuperWiiGaming says:


  14. 001MeTaBoLiC100 says:

    @zacandashleys1fan Wait a sec didnt the NY Islanders also beat the Washington Capitals?

  15. zacandashleys1fan says:

    @001MeTaBoLiC100 Just shows how much of a joke Shitsburg is.
    Don’t even get me STARTED on the 2011 WC.

  16. megaxboxx says:


  17. Luc4151 says:

    GO PENS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO PENS !

  18. fastandfurioustokyo says:

    @htmlforyou bitch you sent me a link to a vid of my team winning the cup…. how dumb do you really look now? o.O

  19. htmlforyou says:

    @fastandfurioustokyo here watch this biatch .com/watch?v=6oOdrfAzdlA

  20. MichaelJacksonfan628 says:

    love this song <3 Pens are the best !

  21. fastandfurioustokyo says:

    @ClimbingThunder so did you win the stanley cup? no then stfu!! its just any other game : )

  22. staalC12 says:

    Go PENS!

  23. ClimbingThunder says:

    @CHlacrosse97 Winter Classics 2011 result. biatch.

  24. 001MeTaBoLiC100 says:

    Okay of all the teams to beat Pittsburgh and snap Crosby’s streak at 25 the NY ISLANDERS WTF!

  25. abougoush29 says:

    They are goin to win the cup

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