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Pittsburgh Penguins 2008-2009 Season Tribute: Part 3: Unstoppable

Part 3 of my tribute to the Pens. This concludes the regular season. The Pens played great during this part of the year and managed to secure home ice in the first round. I show a few clips from the new additions to the team at the trade deadline, as well as a few from the undefeated road trip they went on. The rest is how they dominated the remainder of the season. The songs are both from ES Posthumus, and both of them are epic. They are Unstoppable and Arise. The Pens have used Unstoppable before games started during the regular season on the jumbotron, that is why I picked it, and that it's an awesome song.

25 Responses to “Pittsburgh Penguins 2008-2009 Season Tribute: Part 3: Unstoppable”

  1. flyingbridgeman2 says:

    @AGreatDayForHockey87 awww, that would be awesome if you could, but oh well. i think they should have at least signed hamhuis from nj. so you could do like a dupuis or tk vid?

  2. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:


    Thanks! I like the offseason moves. Lots of people say we need a winger but the Pens were 5th in scoring last year. Their defense is what hurt.

    I don’t have any video of Mario though, unfortunately. I only got the ability to record to my hard drive in 07.

  3. flyingbridgeman2 says:

    dude, i love your videos. im a huuuuuge pens fan, what are your thoughts on the off season decisions? could you make a vid tributing lemieux, i think you could do something mgic with him

  4. xXleafletXx says:

    Dude, gave me goosebumps. Amazing video, thanks!

  5. Sinco1967 says:

    What an amazing Rush by Crosby at 2:25 sick goal epic music to go with it

  6. lisameyer says:

    the crescendo, so magnificent! i love it so much! my very fav video on you tube.

  7. expertpensfan58 says:

    notre dame? lol

  8. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    They weren’t in this part of the season. Everything in this video happens in the last 25 games of the season.

  9. tylersora says:

    great vids tho

  10. tylersora says:

    should have included sykora and dupuis’ hat tricks against NY

  11. PittsburghSteelersTS says:

    from what i can tell Pittsburgh fans travel well to Steelers and Penguins games even some too Pirates games
    Go Steelers
    Go Penguins
    Go Pirates
    Go Notre Dame

  12. lisameyer says:

    this is my fav drew video; even over part 4


  13. fastandfurioustokyo says:

    yes that is true and the best without any team getting close is in the playoff man they are so good in over time in playoffs

  14. Slegnirp says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Pittsburgh the best team in the league in OT?

  15. uncutdespite says:


  16. ahp27 says:

    5:11 is awesome, great job editing the clips with the music

  17. thatswhatsuppp says:

    Your vids are amazing man. It’s funny that we might know eachother from Pitt, but in any case keep it up. I’ve been following and depending on your highlights for a long time!

  18. Sinco1967 says:

    4:57 simply incredible

  19. antekkk says:

    you should post feds knockout

  20. antekkk says:

    isint against the islanders? tavares debiut?

  21. antekkk says:

    amen. this is BOMB. i get horny on these videos!

  22. AGreatDayForHockey87 says:

    Yes I know. As did Columbus at 3:23 and the Sens at 3:34. They got at least a point in those games though. I just liked the highlights.

  23. DrtTrckr11 says:

    You do an awesome job on all of your videos. Every Pens fan on Youtube owes you a debt of gratitude. Thanks for your time in making all of the videos through and after the season.

    Can we expect a part four by the end of the weekend?

  24. HurricAnesHOCKey4 says:

    the canes won that game at 6:14

  25. MrPensfan71 says:

    4:39 jordan staal does a crazy move.

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